Looking for an Attorney in Boulder Colorado

Don’t know what authorities you’ve contacted, but if the Boulder Police are not being helpful, there is the Boulder CO Sheriff - https://www.bouldercounty.org/safety/sheriff/

Depending on location, workload or whatever sometimes they can be more helpful.

There is also the CO Consumer Protection Section under the State Attorney General’s office. (BTW, the new AG, Phil Weiser, is a Boulder native):


Without knowing more of the details, that’s about all I can offer.

The new Colorado AG completely rejected the case. Stuff them. No advisory no help. Waste of my time. Leaking angry lol.

The Sheriff needs a driver…so I’ve now applied for State Mediation. If necessary I’ll file a Claim in the Small Claims Tribunal.

If I need to go to Court I’m back to square one. I need local representation. Otherwise there’s Phone or Skype etc.

Thanks for your thoughts :+1:



Sorry to hear that the AG’s office is also indifferent.

I don’t live in Boulder, so don’t have a handle on local attorneys, but there is this site that may help if no one on the forum can offer a recommendation:


Best of luck.

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

I would recommend phoning :telephone_receiver: all these same companies on Monday and speaking to someone.

Do you have a contract and proof of theft?

Perhaps Guido and Sons may be more useful than a lawyer! :joy: :innocent:






I am surprised that theft is considered a civil case by the police. In all countries, theft is considered at least an administrative case (if the amount of the theft is small), and if the amount is large, it is a criminal case.

In the States theft is both civil and criminal.