Looking for an Attorney in Boulder Colorado

I’m looking for an attorney in Boulder Colorado. My repairman ran off with my amplifiers. He’s done this to others as well as having 9 complaints raised against him at the BBB. I wish I’d known of course. Now I need help to recover my beautiful amps. Yes I’ve reported it to the Colorado Police but they say it’s a civil matter. Please help if you can.
Dr John Read
johnread dot sg at gmail dot com

How is theft a civil matter?


Please share the name of the company (address/website) and its owner who you entrusted with your amps. Let everyone know what happened…

All claims by anyone not accepted by the Police remain a civil matter

Not until the matter is settled dear. Prejudice is a real risk, I hope you understand. I’m looking for an attorney…

Understood. I was thinking if you put his name out there it would starve him, and you’d get your stuff returned. The audiophile community is a small one - and word travels fast. Good luck.

Is this real? Somehow it doesn’t smell right. Who has a repairman come to their house and take their amps? If it is real maybe reach out to us and maybe we can make some suggestions as we’re neighbors.

Yes it’s real. I’ve sent you an email.

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Best of luck getting this resolved!

I haven’t received an email but I will keep my eye open for one.

I am sorry but the police department cannot refuse to accept the criminal complaint and they are legally bound to complete a crime report and investigate the matter.

This is NOT a civil matter and you need to go back to the police department and speak to a supervisor. Even if you do pursue this civilly and the case makes it in front of a judge, he/she is going to ask for a copy of the police report.

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Could be a contract dispute, depending on what “ran off with my amplifiers” means (it might not have been a literal statement by the OP)… FWIW.

I suggest removing your email address from your post once you and Paul make contact.

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The whole thing seems bizarre, but without any other information to provide context other than what can be construed literally, can’t help out. Unless the amps are pocket-sized or the repairman was left unattended for an extended period of time, hard to believe multiple amps could be shanghaied, but stranger things have happened.

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Given your ID Jeff perhaps you can tell me how I can make this happen from Riyadh Saudi Arabia? I’ve called and emailed the Inspector. He called the repairman. He came back and told me it’s a civil matter.

I appreciate the message. I’m looking for a resolution. Nothing else really. Do you know anyone?

It’s not my position here other than to find connections. If you know an attorney or legal company who you think might listen or have connections I’d be grateful. I’ve emailed loads of companies but they simply don’t reply to emails.
Frankly having lodged a case with BBB and Colorado Police I’m simply lost where to get arbitration representation or support.

How much are the amps worth? You could sue him in Boulder County Small Claims Court for up to $7,500.00 without needing a lawyer. See:

Sounds like you might want to contact the Local Bar association and get some recommendations from them. There also might some self help legal services who can guide you. Audio fourums are great for audiophile discussions, but I wouldn’t look for an attorney here. If the amps value are in small claims territory, handle it that way.

I’ll check it out thanks bootzilla :+1:

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Thanks Elk. It will be a major relief.