Lou Reed 1942-2013


No more walking on the wild side.

Saw him in Boston, I believe it was spring of '85. One of only two concerts I’ve seen with three encores. The audience just refused to leave.

There’s a bit of magic in everything

And then some loss to even things out

huge lose for me. traveled thousands of miles to see Lou numerous times back in the day. VU was one of two bands that most effected my core musical preferences back then…and these same preferences still hold true many decades later for me (the other band was joy division). the best was seeing him in a tiny hall outside of Milwaukee WI in 1979. heroin ravaged and looking like death…the guy tore it up for 300 crazed onlookers. jokingly picking fights with the audience while doing his best to entertain us …the guy had real old school personality!!!. lots of people say they do what they want and don’t care what others think…Lou lived it!. one of a kind for sure!

a very sad RIP from me…Lou will be missed

Although I had & liked Transformer I was never a big fan. That’s just me, though.