Allan Holdsworth

Passed. Humble genius, musician’s musician.crying_gif

Got to see him several times in small clubs in the 80’s and was hoping to again. Not everyone’s cup of tea but his approach to guitar-as-saxophone and mathematical analysis of intervalic relationships was beyond the pale. With fans like John McGlaughlin, Pat Metheney, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson and Eddie van Halen it’s easy to see what he meant to guitar players.

Auuuughh! Bummer. Love his playing! I wish people would stop with the dying, already!

Been going back through some Bill Bruford stuff. Just loved Holdsworth’s fleet, muscular, angular style.

I just learned about Allan’s passing yesterday. A true great musician that inspired me the most, from the earley UK and Bruford days up to all his amazing solo albums like I.O.U, Heavy Metal Fatigue, Atavachron and Secrets. He will be missed. RIP.