Loud popping noises

Hi I’ve the following setup: Roon NIUC → Holo Red streamer → DS DAC I → Pass XP 20 → BHK 300s → Tannoy Kensington GRs.

The Holo, DAC, pre amp and amps are powered through a P20 regenerator.

Couple of days ago I started the system and started getting popping noises from my speakers whenever there’s a loud bassy sound. I mean even a cello. We’re not talking low rock music.

Any ideas? Molto grazie.

Try to change tubes in the BHK300

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Is the popping sound in stereo or just one side. If one side, yes, change tubes. If in stereo it is before the amps.

What is different from a few days ago? There is probably something that you haven’t realized yet. If this is a new thing then something had to change.

It’s in both speakers.

Hmmm. That’s the thing, nothing has changed. Maybe the power went out since my NUC was off. But otherwise no change.

Try playing some files from USB on the DAC directly. I had an issue long ago with loud static bursts and it turned out to be my streamer/source.

If you can play from USB stick in the DAC, (or another source) and you have no issues then you can rule out the DAC and Amps.

Thank you.

Well what I did was disconnect the regenerator overnight (so everything was shut off). It seems to have fixed whatever was ailing the streamer or DAC.


After all, they are computers. Occasional hard reboots can be a good thing.