Lousy SMPS on extension cord via AC12?

As it turns out my one component that will not quite make it to the PP20 is a SOTM SPS-500. a glorified SMPS. Yes, I happen to have a 6 foot AC12 on it. I do not really feel like buying it a 9 foot AC12 It is simply not worth it IMO. I was wondering if you folks think putting a 3 foot 10AWG extension cord on it is really going to affect the sound of the TX-USBULTRA? If you do, what the heck I have to buy a 9 foot AC12.

I know I have been a jerk but please don’t repay me here. I am being serious here. I honestly do not know the answer to this question. I would hope that this is answered seriously and not taken as a joke, Thank you

My $0.02:

If I were you, I would make every effort to reorient your kit so that you don’t have to buy a longer AC-12 or use and extension cord.

Absent that, I can heartily recommend this option:

Signal Cable “Magic Strip”

The proprietor is a straight shooter and the products are properly specified and, in my opinion, very high value (performance/dollar).

Good luck figuring out what works best for you.

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Thank you very much. I just ordered a Magic strip!

A new 9 foot AC12 is too much for that thing.


You can build an even better one for less money. just use hospital grade outlets. The Hubble boxes are not that great.