AC3 vs AC5


Has anyone had experience with both the AC3 and the AC5, and if you have…how much difference is there?

Any additional thoughts appreciated.

Thanks TD

The biggest differences are between the 12 and the others. The 3 and 5 are closer together, in my opinion, though the 5 clearly has noticeable better sound especially for digital.

Paul said it perfectly but you should be aware that the higher the number, in addition to sounding better, the heavier and less flexible they are, if that matters to your installation.

Thank you both

Mayhaps you don’t know this but here’s a tip: Go to Upscale Audio, a PS Audio dealer and order your PS Audio cable and when you get to “checkout”, type in the coupon box “PSAPOWER” and 40% comes off the price.

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Crap i ordered earlier today…but thanks

RonP, THANKS! I just picked up 3 AC-5 from Upscale for my P10, BHK250 and Directstream.

You’ll be very happy with them.

Indeed. An AC12 is nearly impossible to twist around and for some damned reason, no matter what you do, one of the plug’s ends are always upside down causing you to have to twist it which is nearly impossible. But, the sound. The sound is worth the hassle. I think.


Paul–That reminds me: I always feel like I’m doing damage when I forcibly twist the cable. Am I?

No, not at all.

Or call and talk to any of them…Kevin, err Uncle Kev, is usually an experience :wink:

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So I sent an email to the place I ordered the 3A’s and asked if they can match, if so, it will be 4 of them and not 3…and if not, then cancel the order…Waiting to hear back. I just can’t turn down Capitalism in practice.

I am Certain Paul would match these prices direct :slight_smile: ???

With the discounted 4, I will be able to replace my rectifiers.

Reminds me, PAUL, I saw your video on wandering sound stage…you may want to make an addendum for tube amp users…bad rectifiers can cause and do cause stage wandering.

Just saying.

I got this info from Mike Sanders of Quicksilver Audio…

Maybe on one of your vids you can interview Mike Sanders…He reminds me of you as far as integrity goes.


I just cancelled my previous order and bought 4 AC3’s from Upscale, and my rectifiers. My paypal wasnt working for some reason so I used my card.

Immediately My wife yells down “DID YOU JUST SPEND $600 ?!?”


THANKS PAUL AND RON :japanese_ogre:

Mike Sanders would be a good interview. Thanks!

Where is the best application of the cord? On the amp, the Dac or the DM?

Depends on the cord but if it were one of our AC12 I would go DAC first, DM second, amp third.

Thank you Paul!

My pleasure.

Want me to set it up for you, or at least try to?