My wife and I just had a boy — our first — and want to get him started on music early. We’ve already introduced him to Dave Brubeck’s “Lullabies” album, an obvious choice, as well as “Korolen” by Toumani Diabate and the London Symphony Orchestra. Both are great albums for a three week old, and they avoid more trite children’s music (no judging).

I was thinking this forum and its amazing contributors would have some other recommendations, and all of us with kids would benefit. Let me know if you have ideas for albums for our youngest forum members.

This kid already has a great ear, and although he loves his DS Jr. and the P3, he’s already saving for the TSS and a P20, after making sure his college fund is in good shape.

Thanks, in advance, for all your thoughts!


Congratulations! Kids are the best!

Heartiest congratulations! That’s wonderful.

For a very soothing song with lovely harmonies, check out “Leaving On a Jet Plane” by Sophie Barker.

Sophie Barker - Leaving On A Jet Plane (with lyrics) - YouTube

She also did a “Lullaby” album which is kids songs, but I just adore her voice.

She was the singer on Zero 7’s first album if you’ve heard it, wonderful voice.

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Congratulations! I am sure he will be graduating to a DS Sr. in no time! :laughing:



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I suggest exposure to everything; all genres, all tempos, all types of instruments, voices, etc.

Little brains need lots of varying stimuli, be it sound, sight, taste, smell, touch.


Maybe be hold on on Death Metal for a bit…
… And Wagner. :grin:


Congratulations to you and your wife!

Great picture!

Congratulations and best of luck to the three of you!

Wonderful congratulations to you all

Congratulations! Children are such a joy! When my son was your son’s age (currently a process safety engineer), he liked Paganini sonatas for violin and guitar :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: We did not have this record by then:


Congrats on your first born!

We played this CD until it should have worn out. Both boys listened to this on repeat during the night at low volume. Very sweet and soothing without being boring or trite. Still hear this today and can’t help but think of those many nights (a few sleepless) all those years ago.