New P12 very loud fan noise at startup

Hello. I just received my new P12 and when system starts, the fan is rotating very loud. Like something is touching the blades. Suggestions? I am sure it is a easy fix.

Welcome, @mderivero !

This certainly does not sound good, literally.

Perhaps something shifted in shipping.

I am a non-cautious type and would open it up and take a look, but it may be wisest to wait for @jamesh or someone else at PS Audio to weigh in. :slight_smile:

Yes I am like you. I want to open it but I will wait to hear from them. That should be a very simple fix. Thanks.

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One of my M1200s arrived with a rattle, like there was a screw loose within. They had me box it up and they shipped me a new one. It all happened very fast. Much better to be cautious and wait for a new one if necessary. I know it’s hard but why cause long term damage if it can be avoided. My experience with PSA is, they will make it right as quickly as humanly possible. If they think they can talk you through a repair, they probably will. I just wouldn’t bank on that.


I already contacted them. Let’s see what happen. Good to know that they are a customer oriented company. Thank you

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I was very pleased with how quickly they got me a new amp. Hopefully, your experience will be similar to mine. Good luck. I picked up a P12 last fall when they had their sale. I was shocked at the improvement to my system. I think you’ll be pleased. The P12 will need to burn in like most components but I could hear an improvement straight out of the box.

Great … I am very excited and looking forward to install the P12 on my system. Hopefully they have another P12 in stock. I know they are running very low in stock and parts to assemble new units.

I think I got lucky with the M1200. They had several in stock, burned in for 2 days and ready to go out. They covered shipping for everything and even paid 2nd day from what I recall. I’m in Maryland. If you’re closer, things could go faster for you.

I am in Florida. I guess would be the same distance from Colorado… Just about

Congrats on the new P12 but not the best introduction it seems. Yeah, the P12s are in high demand and pretty low supply at the moment. Are you able to see through the grill at all and see if something is poking one of the fans?

I tried but didn’t see anything touching the blades. I can confirm that is the front fan.

OK, thanks for checking. Shoot my colleague TJ an email. He’ll be able to show you with a guide how to open the unit and see if there’s an easy remedy. This is just a wild guess, but I wonder if one of the tie downs or a cable itself came loose during shipping.

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Great. Just called him and left a message.

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No luck so far jamesh. I guess they are very busy. Hope to hear from them soon.

I’ll send them a quick note. I was hoping they’d get back to you same day. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the patience.

I just heard back from TJ and he said he’s tried calling you twice and sent you an email. Do you happen to have an email from him?

I haven’t receive any email from him… let me try to call him back. Thanks for your help. He can email me at . . .

OK great, he’s going to try and resend the email to that address. Thanks.

Thank you… Just spoke with Mark. Great guy.


He really fooled you then… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: