M1200's compared to McIntosh MC152

Has anyone compared solid state McIntosh amps to the M1200’s. In looking at the McIntosh MC152, the M1200’s have a lot more wattage over the 152 which conservatively has 150 watt in 8 ohms,. Reviewers have stated however they were over 200 watts in their tests. Yes the blue meter are nice, but the most important thing is the sound. I like that PS Audio gives you a 30 day trial period, but before moving forward, I would be interesting in hearing some feedback from those familiar with both amps.

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I have the M1200’s and absolutely love them. They are quite possibly the last amps I will ever buy. I have 3 preamps that work well with them. A Conrad Johnson classic tube preamp, a PS Audio BHK Signature preamp and a Parasound P6 preamp. And I switch back and forth between preamps. The M1200’s have the stability of a solid state output with some of the magic of tubes from their tube input stage. Musical instruments, like violins, or saxophone, can sound unbelievably real with the M1200 (if the speakers are also capable). Female vocals can sound smooth, natural and just wonderful.

McIntosh amps are a classic, and have those classic blue lights and meters. They have a clean solid state sound, but a softer non-harsh solid state sound.

It might come down to what you are looking for in your system, and what types of music you listen to. I like the magic of tubes in my system and can’t go without them.

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