M700 amplifiers with single Vandersteen 2WQ subwoofer

Hello, all-I’ve just placed my order for the 700M amps along with the Stellar gain cell/DAC preamplifier and am excitedly awaiting their arrival next week. My current amplifier (Music Reference RM9) is connected using the dedicated single X2 crossovers at the amp input, and I currently have double spades on the speaker taps, with one pair of cables going to my Vandersteen 2ce Sig II main speakers, and the other connected to the sub. This has always been something of a pain-it’s quite easy to jar those spades loose when dusting, etc. Can I use the second pair of outputs to connect the amps directly to my sub, or will I need to double up as before? If I do need to double up on the taps, can I use both banana and spade connectors simultaneously? As an aside, it looks like I’ll be paying a visit to my Vandersteen dealer soon for a new pair of dedicated X2 crossovers, as the input impedance differs from the RM9 and I’ll want to use the (balanced) connections with the Stellar gear at any rate.

If your RM-9 has the copper binding posts that came able to accept both bananas and spades then use one of each. On my RM-10 I used spades to the speakers and bananas to the 2WQ’s. I was told by my Vandersteen dealer that if I only decided to only use one of the subs then to bi-wire it with cables from both channels to the subs four banana inputs.

You can use both sets of binding posts on the M700’s for that purpose. Bananas and spades would also be OK.