How do I get spades speaker cables attached to the m700?

I’m usually not so dumb about something this simple but I just can’t figure it out!

Of course, I’ve unscrewed the lugs, and exposed the “stem” part with the hole in it for speaker wire, but the only way I can get my spades around are at a 90degree horizontal angle, which is both super awkward for making a good connection and doesn’t work at all for the “interior” connection as the speaker wire has a sort of cable boot at the end that is longer than the space between interior lugs.

I had the same issue with my Sonus Faber speakers. I couldn’t accommodate the wires sticking out on either side (horizontally) so I went with banana plugs. Went with bananas on my amp too 'cause I never felt like the binding posts were sufficiently tight to keep the spades secure from moving & they are WBT Signature posts! My speaker wires are pretty stiff, so they would easily move the spades in the binding posts with any movement of the wire or amp.

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Not entirely an option I want to pursue. It took me a long time to find speaker cables I love, and I do love these. Having to re-terminate them would, tbh, sort of suck.

Maybe someone will have an idea.

I have spades connected to M700’s and I run mine angled just enough so that the inner cable doesn’t contact the outer post. Not quite horizontal but as horizontal as you can get without contact. I think bananas are the best option for the M700’s but l didn’t want to re-terminate my cables either so I just tightened the posts down as much as I could by hand and haven’t had any issues to date.

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Tried that, but with the boot on the cable, doesn’t work. They need to be almost completely horizontal to get on there at all; any angle, non-starter.


I used bananas as well but upon upgrading speakers found that most / many use spades only. I ordered spades from same vendor speaker mfg. uses and while they are not perfect, they fit. Spade seems a little wide for post as well. Good luck!

Can you use a ‘spade to bananna’ adapter? Cardas and other manufacturers make them.

Old thread, but why not use the outer most connections instead of squeezing in between posts?

I almost returned my M700’s just because I could not get my Transparent Speaker Cable Spade to connect!

I suggest PS Audio get a bunch of cables, and make changes to the connectors to accommodate them…

What happened? The Transparents were too big? This is the first I’ve ever heard of this problem. Sorry.

The M700 binding posts are wider than taller (or the other way around) and the spades don’t go on at a 0 deg or a 90 deg angle, but only at a 45 deg angle. Because my cables are very thick, and the left pair has a +/- and the right pair naturally wants to go -/+, I have had to put the left pair on at one crazy angle, and the right pair flipped too another crazy angle…

Basically I would like the M700 binding posts to that a central core which is just a bit thinner, so my cables can go on normally, instead at a 45 deg angle.