M700 & SGCD power on all the time clarification

Sorry folks I know this one is beaten to death, mojority have said it is better to leave these amps and pre powered on at all times, Now does that mean in standby mode ( where when toggled off by remote and triggers going from sgcd to m700) or to leave powered on where the blue logo lights on all three stay on constantly but keep the preamp in mute just in case, my apologies for bringing up this subject again.


Standby mode.

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PaulCEO PS Audio

Jul '18

“Leave them plugged in with the master power switch on at a minimum. This keeps everything powered and if they are in standby (using the PS logo button) then the outputs are muted. In our case I never even mute them and keep them on 24/7. They take almost no power, always sound better when powered on, and they are ready to go when you are.”

Then what is all the recomendations for class D to be left on, or am I mis understanding the “stand by mode” and the “left always on ( blue lights on) mode” as described I think by the statement above by the head Wizardarino himself ( and I say that respectfully) :v::notes:

Another quote observed!

“Yes Class D amps do improve with break-in and for most 150-200 hours is enough. Also they need to be left on all the time to sound their best. Not in standby mode but fully on.”

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From the M700 owners manual:

Looks like you’re quoting Paul.

Burn in is a different topic. I usually experience improvement in sound from brand new components after about 100 hours to 200 hours of continuous play.

After the components are burned in, I use standby mode when not in use. It doesn’t take long for my components to “wake up” and sound their best from standby.

To burn in brand new amp and preamp I turn them on at low volume and connect to source and play either recordings to help this process (in repeat / continuous play) or put my FM tuner between station to get static noise and play this for the burn in period.

I have JRiver and like to use this recording (ripped from CD) to aid in the burn in process:


I leave my M700s on. Fully on, not standby.