M700s red light

Just received my SGCD and M700s a few days ago. Sound great. However, last night I noticed a red glow coming from the amps. At first is looked like the speaker posts were glowing red. Looking more closely I noticed the red light was coming from back left corner (looking from the front), possible from an LED. Both amps had the red so my initial thought was this is normal. But I didn’t remember seeing the red the previous night (there may have been gin involved). Is the red LED normal on the M700s? Thanks.

Welcome @richard.martin.
I just looked at mine. Left side as viewed from the front. You can see red led’s on what appears to be a circuit board towards the back. I believe it is normal. I have had mine for more than 2 years now.

Yes, normal. It will be on as long as the unit has power. It remains lit in standby.

Thanks Sohail and brett66. Must of been the gin…


Can confirm that Brett66 is exactly right. Completely normal and it’ll stay lit even when amp in standby.

Thanks, James. By the way, even though they aren’t broken in and I’ve only had two listening sessions, they sound freaking amazing!


Instead of glowing Tubes, you get glowing LED’s. I noticed mine since the day I lit them over a year ago. It does get warm back there. Funny thing is, when a friend lent me a freshly rebuilt and modified (as per factory bulletins) Carver M4.0t, it was cool to the touch and gave the M700’s quite a run for the money. Bass extension is a tad better on the M700’s but the Carver m4.0t equalled the PS Audio M700 in everything else to my ears. An amp that’s 35 years old !


That’s amazing. Thanks for letting us know.

I apologize now for going slightly off topic…

This is what I was running a couple years back. All upgraded caps and resistors with also upgraded output transistors and re-biased. The preamp was also upgraded with better caps and resistors, as well as a remote controlled motorized Alps volume poteniometer. All of the Carver gear had upgraded Tiffany RCA connectors, as well as WBT binding posts and IEC power cable connectors.

With C-1 preamp… (IR sensor installed in recessed section)

With C-4000 preamp… (IR sensor built into stock volume knob)

AND… The very special M500t amps…

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Glad you’re enjoying them! Once they settle in a few more days, they’ll only sound better!