Magnapan 1.7 or .7 blues

hello all, I listened to the magnapan ,7 last week and was room is 12 x 13. would the 1.7 magies be to much for that room? I did listen to them in a larger room but left it at that.

forgot to add I will be pushing them with m 700s and stellar gain cell

Call Magnepan and ask them. I had the same dilemma and they suggested the .7 would be better suited to my listening space than the 1.7i (which I naturally wanted more lol).

With dimensions like yours, I doubt that you’d find either model better- or worse-suited for the room itself. It’s not too large a space for the .7 and not too small a space for the 1.7i, though it might not let them stretch their legs. If I were you, I’d base the decision on which speaker I like the sound of better. An in-home audition of both would be ideal if your dealer is willing.

FWIW, my listening room is about 14x17 with a ceiling at 8’-4", and the .7s fill it just fine, driven with 300 wpc (into 4 ohms).

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Was in the same boat; was set on the 1.7s (also driven with m700s and SGC). Listened to both, bought the .7s - they sound almost identical mid to top; 1.7s are a touch stronger mid to bottom. Have subs, so the .7s work just fine; but they need support down low. The 1.7s can stand by themselves, depending on what you listen to; but are better with bass support. Neither will disappoint (or cause you to regret your choice); it is really how much you want to spend.

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yes I have a couple svs subs, what did you set them at? crossover wise

SVS subs here too! Started at ~80hz and tweaked from there; the room and placement will play in where you end up.

oh that’s cool, feels like hanging out with like minded folks here

just spoke with eric at magnapan and going to stay with the .7,great conversation with him. thanks for all the input

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I went with .7’s. My room is 12 feet from couch wall to fireplace, but 20 feet wide. I think the .7’s are the perfect size for this space. They’re 54" high if you use the stock angled brackets (59" with stands).

Plenty of sound for their size.

I’m running them off a Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated that’s 80 wpc/8 ohms, and 120 wpc/4 ohms. (Far less grunt than your M700’s.)

You’ll love them. :grin:


I love the sound of the .7’s

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