Mano Ultra Mk3 Streamer

Just ordered one of these to replace my Node 2i as I’ve convinced myself I’m committed to streaming. Went for the “all bells and whistles” option, except for the power cord as I prefer to make my own and the price seemed steep for tin plated copper. Anyone have one of these? I’d be interested in your thoughts. Price seemed good and the few reviews I could find spoke highly of it. Looking forward to trying it once it’s through customs and I’ve been ripped off for VAT and import duty.


Looking forward to learning about your experience with this streamer.

I have the Holo Red and the PSA Bridge II Ethernet card that I run with my DS Sr.

I have not found the Red to consistently outperform the Bridge so I am keeping my eyes and ears open for the next best thing, short of a mega-bucks streamer/server.



Oh, I’m a big fan of Hans, he certainly guided my purchase. Also had dealings with Magna in the past as when I got back into Hifi in a more serious way I got an Audio GD DAC/Amp from them and found their customer service to be great. Had less hassle then as I was still an EU member and didn’t have to deal with customs.
Love Hans’ style, he’s such a calm dude.
Will let you know my impressions when the unit arrives and I’ve got Roon blasting some Tool, I’ve got that excited glow of anticipation.