AXPONA & Streamer Suggestions

Like many forum members I just received the MKII DAC and will no longer have access to the Bridge for streaming. My primary mode of daily listening is streaming. I have read on the forum delays with PS Audio releasing 2 potential Streamers. Like many forum members I am impatient and headed to AXPONA in 3 weeks. I am currently using Qobuz.

I am looking for a “forever streamer”, that I will happily want to keep regardless of what PS Audio eventually releases. I intend to use AXPONA to gather information and will likely purchase one shortly after the show. I hope those going to AXPONA will lend me your eyes and ears and share opinions on what you find. I believe this will be of value to others on this forum as well.

My preferences for Streamers:
-In the $1200 - $4000 range
-Without a built in DAC
-Preferably made in the US
-By a reputable, well established company
-Excellent sounding, easy user interface

That being said I am open to modifying my preferences and considering all Streamers. I know several people like the Holo Audio Red Streamer.

On my list in no order of preference;
-Lumin U2mini, $2400, room 720 and 723 at AXPONA
-Auralic Aries G1.1, $3249, room 304 and 1645
-Innuos Pulse Mini, $1249, and Pulse, $3249, room 1403, 1410, & 1422
-Hifi Rose RS 250A, $2695, room 334
-Aurender N150, $3500, room, 634, 628, 646, 705, 1602
-Bricasti Design M5, $2400, room 650

Thank you in advance for your consideration and help


The concern I’m seeing is that no one has yet said it can “play with the big boys”.

But I’m in the same boat as you. I do have a Red on order, but I appreciate you organizing this list. I hope to be able to look at these all carefully.

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That would be my list as well, skipping the Holo Red. The Innuos Pulse and the Auralic Aries G1.1 are both solid streamers.

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At a show you are really going to be able to judge only by functionality (interface). Don’t expect to be able to really hear what they sound like.


Good luck with the US made part. Last year it seemed of most of the rooms with dedicated streamers were from Aurender and above the $4k price point. You are on the right track with your selections and your price point. A local dealer near me has a Inuos Zenith MK3

That is a $6k streamer that is under $4k.


Thanks Paul: I have added the Aurender N150 to my list, as a sub $4000 streamer.

I thought Aurender was Korean.

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Aurender is S. Korean.
I prefer a USA or UK MFG, but another country may not be deal breaker.

Been using the Auralic Aries G1.1 for 3+ years now on WiFi without a hiccup. Mature technology with great app. Mostly Qobuz but also have an unpowered 2TB solid state drive plugged in for local files. With MKII USB upgrade I am not looking to change. Not sure why so little love here for AURALiC.


My experience has been great with Innous products, and the new Pulse looks like a fantastic streamer if you don’t need a DAC or server built-in with your streamer. A newly designed internal power supply is a welcome feature in the Pulse. The Innuos Sense app does not overtax the quiet digital processors used in the Pulse, and it prioritizes sound quality while providing an intelligent array of features. If a user later decides to use Roon software (which I don’t use), this is an option with Innuos but not with Aurender. Innuos was originally formed as a Portuguese-UK venture, and its factory and corporate headquarters are in Portugal. Sean Jacobs from the UK has played a major role in the design and updating of the Innuos power supplies.

I should also point out that I received very responsive support from Innuos customer service when I was setting up my Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer. There were some connection issues that required coordination with both Innuos and PS Audio. Nuno Vitorino, co-founder of Innuos, got online with me to connect with my Zen unit to troubleshoot. It’s pretty rare to get customer support from the head of a company, and it was a very positive experience for me.


SDL: Thanks for the great reply.
Over time I have had trouble connecting my Aria Server to my PS Audio DAC. The ARIA phone / IPad App stopped working years ago. The above is why the user interface, customer and dealer service, and longevity of the company are important. I do have faith in Innuos they have been around for some time and appear to be innovating.

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I purchased an N150 about 3 weeks ago and really like it a lot. I purchased the Auralic G1.1 right before it but sent it back for N150. Been playing music it through it for 3 weeks so I’m sure its playing at its best now. To me sounds more musical than the G1.1 and I like the conductor app more than the lightening App. Have fun shopping!


Bricasti M5 ticks your boxes



I love the look of this kit.

Wonder how it reviews and will compare to the AirLens…

Will have to do some more research on it.

If it actually exists it will out perform the AirLens


Thanks JP
I was not aware of the Bricasti Design M5 and will have to visit their room.
Not much has been written about them. I don’t know much about Streamers but noted it is an older unit, and it’s specs are 192k PCM and DSD 64. DSD 128 over USB, whereas others are 384k and 758k PCM and DSD 512.

I look forward to the day when I can hear the difference between DSD256 and DSD512. Even between DSD128 and DSD256 for that matter.


It’s not that important.


Good to know, thanks


Both Auralic and Innuos have great apps and Roon as an option. I’ve used and enjoyed both, had an Innuos Zen Mk3 for 4 years. I expect quite a few Zen and Zeniths coming on the used market as the Pulse series roll out, at good prices and after a reset they are effectively new.

I use usb, no issues with the sound quality whatsoever.

TIP - if you don’t plan on using a Zen/Zenith for music storage to any great degree, get the cheaper Zen unit. The upgrades in the Zenith are the SSD storage over SATA in Zen and an additional linear power supply for the SSD because it makes far more electrical noise than the SATA drive in the Zen. If you are streaming, the drive stays asleep, buffering in RAM. So if you are not using the storage drive, there is no need for the Zenith version over Zen.

The Lumin machines are rather different in that they feature upsampling and a sophisticated volume control, and they have a nice looking T3 machine with a DAC, so just add active speakers and you’re done.

I agree that you’re not going to be able to compare sound quality at a show and frankly I’ve always bought streamers on specifications, but all other products on a home or dealer demo.