Which Speakers do you all recommend for the Sprout100?

I heard that many users use the Klipsch Rp600m, ELAC Debuts, and Kef LS50s with the speakers with decent results. I wasn’t really impressed with the LS50s, but I am planning on demoing Klipsch Rp600m and Elac Unifi soon. But I can’t help but feel I might be disappointed with them too. Are there any other speakers under $500 a pair that any of you can suggest to use with the Sprout 100?

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elac uni-fi-ub5 are on sale for 300 at crutchfeild

Wife has the Sprout and Elac 6.2’s that PSA offers as system and haven’t heard a complaint in 8 months now. I think they make a nice budget set up as well. Hooked it up to much larger Klipsch’s and it was pretty good but can’t really say how it pairs with the Rp600m’s

Klipsch in general are very easy to drive. I don’t think you can go wrong there.

Paul runs LS50s on his Sprout as he’s posted in the past and raved about them. And you can probably find deals on the original LS50s now that the Metas are out. I tried LS50s on mine when I had a Sprout, and was very happy with the combo. (Note though, I am an LS50 fanboy on the board, so take it with a grain of salt. I LOVE that speaker)

I also switched in ELAC Debut 6’s both v1 and 2. (What can I say? I found a deal on them!) and found them to both be EXCELLENT. I actually preferred the ELACs to the KEFs on the Sprout, but YMMV.

Good luck. The Sprout is a great piece and will make you happy for a long time.

Mike in Dayton

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Ugh. I just realized I gave no recommendation.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the options you mention. It comes down to how much you want to spend - you’ll be happy with any of your choices. Truly.

4 speakers I’d highly recommend checking out would be the Martin Logan Motion 40, (floor stander) their Motion 35XT, (bookshelf) KEF Q150, (Bookshelf) and the KEF Q550 (floor stander). All of these options are fairly well within your budget, and would pair with the Sprout100 quite well.


I have Martin Logan 35XT’s with my Sprout and it is pure heaven (really. Amazing performance). But they are about twice your budget, but as James posted, the smaller motion 15 are great as well. The AMT tweeter on these is gorgeous. Another option may be the Wharfedale EVO 4.1 for a little more. (You’ll need a sub with most bookshelf speakers)

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The Wharfedale Denton anniversary speakers are generally well regarded. And cheap now.

But that ELAC Uni-Fi deal someone mentioned earlier in the thread is a steal. I’ve heard them, not on Sprout, and they were excellent.


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I’ve been using my Sprout100 with a pair of the new ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 UB52 bookshelf speakers for about three weeks, and the sound quality is stunningly good. The smooth yet startlingly detailed sound, almost holographic imaging, the unfailing musicality are all an order of magnitude better than the excellent Debut 2.0 models.


This is a really good speaker a few dollars over your limit but with an in home trial period. I’ve owned a pair for over a decade. 90 db sensitivity and bass into the low 40’s or better depending on your room.

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I’d like to purchase a Sprout100, on the basis of very good reviews I’ve read online and seen on YT. It would replace my SMSL A36 Pro (a 2x20W Class D Chinese amp, sounds OK). Since there’s no PS dealer here, someone would bring the Sprout to me from abroad.

I have two dilemmas:

  1. I own two sets of speakers: a pair of Canton 502.2 and a pair of QA 3020i. To my ears, Cantons have livelier treble and are more precise than the somewhat warm-sounding QAs, but the QAs have better bass response.
    Does anyone have any experience with Sprout combined with Canton or QA bookshelfs? Should I be looking for a replacement of the speakers as well?
  2. since I’m living in Serbia, what will happen if (God forbid) something goes wrong with the Sprout? This is the biggest fear I have. How does the warranty work in this case?

Thanks a lot!
PS: if this is an inappropriate reply for this topic, please delete it and suggest where should I ask these questions. Thanks!

Welcome, Vlada!

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Based off my experience with the QAs, they’ll pair up beautifully with the Sprout100. Depending on the room and the type of listening you plan to do, you’ll absolutely want a subwoofer with them!

You could certainly have a friend get a Sprout here and travel with it back to you. We are able to ship the Sprout’s almost anywhere in the world, so there’s no problem ordering through our website directly. No matter what, you will still get the 3 year warranty that starts once you receive it. The only caveat is that it would need to be shipped back to the states if a repair is needed.

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Thanks jamesh for the info!

It’s really reassuring to know that the manufacturer has your back in case something goes wrong (which won’t happen :))

In the present circumstances, it’s easier for me to have somebody bring the Sprout here instead of ordering it through overseas shipping.

Regarding the speakers, thanks for the insight - I am very happy to see what you wrote about QAs. Since l do have a sub (an old Yamaha SW216), if I get the Sprout, I plan to certainly hook it up, it will help the 3020is.

Thanks again

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PS Audio will take care of you and your purchase. One of the reasons I like PSA so much, other than their outstanding products, is the superb support they offer. Buy with confidence.



I’m thinking of buying a Sprout, and I have the same question comparing Klipsch Rp600ms to the offered Elac’s B6.2. Should I just go with the ELAC’s?
Thank you

I’m sure either will sound good with the Sprout. The Klipsch have horn tweeters, so you may want to be sure that’s the sound you like.
I run a Sprout100 with a pair of Martin Logan 35XT’s and a ML sub and it is simply amazing for the price (heck any price really). The 35’s are bit pricy, but for the amount you quote, the smaller Motion 15’s are very good too. AMT tweeters are quite spacious and revealing.
MartinLogan Motion® 15 (Black Cherrywood) Bookshelf speaker at Crutchfield

Either way, you’ll need a sub…

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You do not have to buy a set of Rogers Ls 3/5 for your Sprout 100. It does not work very well lol … Have only used them to play my Sprout for.