Sprout 100 with efficient midrange speakers?

I am thinking about pairing a sprout 100 with a set of Golden Ear Triton Reference, Tekton Encores, or AN3’s. This would be a second system in a different location. Not a lot of room for equipment. Thoughts?

Because it is such a cutie pie of a piece, I’ve had great synergy with Denton’s, Elac B6.2, KEF Q100s and R300s. If it was me, I’d wait for the coming Sprout speakers that @Paul is working on getting released soon. To me, the Sprout is a piece for visitors to visually admire, then be delighted by its capabilities.

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I agree, I’m really looking forward to the Sprout speakers as I’m sure Paul and the gang will be sure to match them accordingly. Because I couldn’t wait for them, I went with Martin Logan Motion 35XT’s which seem to be very similar in concept to the PSA Sprout speakers (6 1/2" woofer, AMT tweeters). They sound magnificent on my Sprout! I don’t hear much talk about the ML motion speakers, I don’t know why, they are very good.

Yeah, very similar arrangement to the ML. I almost got the ML but my only reason was very hot deals on the prices of the ones I mentioned. I’m sure the ML would have delivered for me even without a sub. I only add subs to the HT. The Sprout somehow has provided plenty of low end for those mentioned pairs, of course with boost engaged.

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