Massed strings

One of the most difficult to reproduce bits of music is massed strings, whether they be cellos, violas, or violins. It takes a complete and near perfect chain to get these right and they represent to me the biggest challenge […]


HI Paul

Can you give some examples of the Mercury CD’s you use for this test?

Mostly RCA’s for the older ones and I am a big fan of just about anything Peter McGrath recorded for the modern ones. I’ll try and get a list together for you.


What are your reference speakers lately? Are you using Magnepan 3.6s or 3.7s?

I read that you are also getting some Infinity IRS’s.

Magneplanar 3.6R’s, augmented with an original Tympani III bass panel and two Martin Logan Descent subwoofers.

And yes, I am replacing everything in the sound room with the Infinity IRS.

HI Paul

Can you give some examples of the Mercury CD's you use for this test?

I'm not Paul but the Mercury Living Presence disk that I use for this test is "Kaledesscope" Sir Charles Mackerrass LSO. Try track 1 Smetanta-"Tans der Komodianten. The upper ranges of the strings can sound very stident depending on on the associated gear."

Also try Frederick Fennell "Country Gardens." this is another good one for this test.


thanks much

I just received this link from our local audiophile society about Mercury Living Presence and thought that I would pass it along:

Over the years I have collected a good portion of the MLP CD catalog  made possible by their Late producer, Wilma Cozart Fine and recording engineer, Robert Fine.  As I have written elsewhere, on a good system many of these recordings on MLP as well RCA Living Stereo sound more like what I hear when attending a live performance.  Certainly these recordings can be analogous to Technicolor.  The Absolute Sound has periodically written about MLP over the years.