Matching interconnects (and/or Z06 talk) :^ /

How many use matching interconnects throughout their systems? I only have one source so I’ve just got to worry about 2 pair but for the past 8 yrs or so I’ve been using matching sets. Just wondering if anyone evaluates each connection separately and chooses different cables and why.

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I like to use the same company and same “tier” if possible. Several years ago I went whole hog and bought the top of the line, both balanced and single-ended of one brand and feel they are a fantastic choice for my system. . . I’ve been very happy.

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I use Nordost Valhalla 2: HDMI, XLR DAC to PRE, XLR PRE to AMP, and Nordost Tyr2 speaker cables to main speakers… so yes, same company and same tier… I love these interconnects and speaker cables. My sub cables are REL Baseline Blue… better than the REL cables that came with the subs.

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I try to build a single Manifacturer loom. I use PS Audio AC 12’s for PP, Distribution , each BHK 300. Everything else is Siltech G7 XLR, RCA, USB, Speakers Bi-wire and power from PP. Pricey but great cables totally silent and very musical.

They don’t give those pups away do they?:grinning:

Yeah, each interconnect is more expensive than the component they plug into…:sneezing_face: Down the road I will always be upgrading components so I look at the big pic… :slight_smile: One thing for sure, they are amazing… Like when I walked past the coupe Vette and went holy $hit, is that a race car… no that is the Z06… I smiled at my sweetie and said, we need one of those… just what you said in 2016. :ok_hand:

Yeah, that was tough explaining a 0.6m cable when she saw the bill… was like WTF… that took a lot of romancing…

10-4. I might have a little trouble getting that thru congress here. I haven’t got any of the “you paid HOW much for that widget” yet but that might start the discussion.:thinking:

She would most likely be OK with it so then I have to justify it to myself. You know how that struggle can go.

It’s all good… as long as you say I love the sound, the rest is idle chit chat… we are all kids and we like our toys… I love my Z06 as much as you love yours… no sticker regret after 6 weeks…

The down side is my wife just showed me her new car when she sells her 56 Tbird… DB9… sure sweetie, that looks nice as she is smiling at me… she was saying listen to the sound… not understanding a V12 and 10mpg…

We started at Jags and now it is AM DB9…

Its funny. When I bought the Z the body style and option package was new and there was a 12 month wait list and you had to drop $5k to get on the list. Yes it was worth it.

Yes it was… man I love my Z… it is like a great white in the ocean… A legitimate race car… a lot of people don’t realize just how bad ass till you are hitting the brake hard waiting for them to catch up. I can’t wait a few years for the mid engine. They better not go the caddy ATSV route… my buddy got one and I told him he got the girl caddy and he was pissed… he finally got the CTSV that was fun… he was all pumped 6 cylinder twin turbo… where is the beef… then he bought the guy caddy…

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