Matrix and Innuous

Rekindling this thread. What was the verdict ? :slight_smile:

I am sorry guys, honestly the media system hasn’t been messed with due to other house projects ongoing. I haven’t taken the matrix out of the loop yet and gone to the DSD directly via USB which is what I need to do…going from the Phoenix to the matrix to the dsd via i2s has been pretty fantastic lol

Thanks for the update. Funny, I reached almost the same conclusion about my configuration and about experimenting any more. These days especially I would rather listen to good music than move wires around. I think the only possible difference in our setups is that I’m using the Matrix without a/c power, as suggested on this board. I did compare using it with and without power and like it better without.

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after different configurations I now have the Zenith Mk3 to Phoenix to Matrix without a/c power to DSS via i2s and it sounds absolutely fantastic

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I know this is an old thread so I do hope by now we’d have an update and some conclusions if the Phoenix bested the matrix or was the same or was even better with the Phoenix plus matrix in the mix.


Me too, I’m so curious to know the opinion if any member here could share their experiences!

Good question.

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It’s at the back of my mind to change from Zen Mk3 to Pulsar. It might take 6 to 12 months before I do anything.