Does anyone have any experience using Innuos products with our DSD and Roon?

A lot of people on the Roon forums are extolling the amazing SQ of these music servers that apparently are Roon ready. Many insist it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone have any opinion/experience with this box? Thx!

Yep…I have an Innuos Zenith Mk3 with the Phoenix reclocker…the USB output goes a Matrix Spdif-2 where it converts the signal to iS2 The SQ is amazing and Roon works great with the Innuous. I am planning on bypassing the Matrix for testing and go directly into the DSD DAC via USB…just on hold given some other home projects.

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I have the same setup but without the Phoenix. With the Matrix and i2S the Zenith 3 is excellent especially when using experimental mode.

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Cool. Well, I just ordered and paid for the Matrix so I guess I’ll wanna get my money’s worth. From what I understand there is some real magic in the conversion ro iS2 so once I settle on a new streamer I’ll likely keep in tact. I’m all about maximizing the SQ and if Innuos is Roon Ready it gets me closer to goal. Thanks!

Looks like I’m leaning to one of the Innuos boxes, like the MK3. Love my DAC and the prospect of improving the SQ is exciting. But what is the Phoenix? Thx

I have the Innuos Zenith Mk3 to the DS via Matrix. It sounds fantastic. I am considering purchasing the Innuos Phoenix. Please let me know your impressions with both the Phoenix and Matrix.

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I have an Innuos Zen Mk3.

I use the ethernet output to my streamer (I don’t use a DSD DAC), but I tried the usb and it seemed very good as well, as it should be given it has a dedicated linear power supply.

From what I understand, if you are using usb, which can be excellent if done well, you are best getting a Zen Mk3 and Phoenix reclocker rather than the Zenith Mk3. It costs about one third more for the two boxes, but you get the usb reclocker etc from the $10k Statement model.

The Phoenix reclocker is apparently so good with usb you could just feed it from a Mac Mini.


Thanks very much; I have seen and read quite a bit of buzz regarding the Innuos array of products. Apparently the Zenith might sound somewhat better, with ostensibly nominal SQ benefit. Also considering Wyred streamer as well as the Aurender. But I think I will take this migration from Mac step by step. At the suggestion of some, I did order the Matrix X SPIDF 2 for starters.

I’ll install that to start and based on budget will consider the next moves from there. Thanks again for your input. Now all I need is a bank!

That’s sounds like a great solution and thx for the affirmation of what I’m hearing from others. I ordered the Matrix X -SPIDF 2 Monday and delivery is Friday. So I’ll install that Friday The problem would be for me is that IF I proceed to purchase the Innuos Zen MK3 I’d not be able to utilize the i2S feature of the Phoenix ( cash flow aside) as my other i2S input on my DSD is allocated already for the DMP transport in my system and it sounds FANTASTIC. So naturally the other port is reserved for the Matrix - X SPIDF 2.

Hi brend; I just received my Matrix-X SPIDF2 for my DSD and have it all hooked up. I DID purchase the ifI external power supply but it is a bit confusing! On the bottom of the Matrix there are 3 switches and I can see “ON.” should they be left this way or changed. And how does one CHANGE, i.e. with what kind of tool? And as regards the power supply, does it output 5v by default? I Note the unit likes 5v-9v and nothing higher. When I first connected the HDMI I go the green light BEFORE i connected the external power supply. Now there is no light at all. Appreciate the help!

Hi Robert,
the power supply specs areas follows,

USB bus power supply: 5V/500mA, External power supply: DC 6~9V,≥800mA

I have the Matrix connected to a Network Streamer so I have the switches set to OFF.
I do not know your configuration but depending on what your set-up is you might have to install a driver.
I get a green light when something is playing.
I hope this helps but I am not very technically minded and I just muddle along until I get things right,

kind regards,

Thank you, Brend. Presently I am using a PS Audio DirectStream DAC that serves as my end point. But after installing this Matrix-X the Mac DOES see it in the sound card as does my music playing software, Pure Music, which also recognizes the connection. And once I installed, Roon also sees it as an endpoint and no longer sees the PS Audio DSD! But…I get no audio output at all! The only thing I can think of is that because I’m a Control4 customer my system isn’t able to recognize the new connection as there IS no USB connection tied to my Mac. Make sense? :pray:t2:

I’m baffled