Music server Innuos over USB vs Wyred4sound over i2s

I have the SGCD + S300.
I am looking to setup a dedicated Roon core server to replace my Mac Mimi with Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra. I have narrowed it down to the Innuos Zen MK3 connected over USB or the Wyred4sound connected over I2S.
Which would give the best sound quality on the SGCD?
Has anyone out there compared these servers?


TBH, purchase the component that has the features you want. I have a Wyred DAC i2S and it sounds good, but I wouldn’t bet I could tell the difference between i2s and USB at this point. I also have a Stellar Gain Cell DAC which I use USB with. They are both pretty good. You can always buy a converter like a Sonore Ultradigital if you want to do the i2s thing. I have one which splits USB to I2s/SPDIF.

Thanks for the input.
Good advice really “buy the one with the features I want”. But you know how it goes… in this hobby we tend to over focus on the specs. I really want the Innuos (=USB) but the SGCD works best over I2S according to the specs.
I will get the Innuos.

There is always the Sonore Ultradigital (which I did not know about) or the MATRIX X-SPDIF 2.
Happy listening.

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I have an Innuos connected to my DSD via Matrix/i2S, this combo was a huge step up for me compared to when I had it connected to the DSD via USB.

That is good to know.
Which Innuos do you have? I intend to get the ZEN MKIII.
Thanks for the feedback.

I have the Zenith MK3, unfortunately I don’t have any experience with the Zen.

Did you ever get yourZen?