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Hello all,
I figured I would create a new post. I recently posted in the ever solo conversation but realized it was not the right place.
I purchased a Matrix Element S for the i2s out. I own the Ifi zen as well a node2. I couldn’t get my Matrix to work with my Venus2’s i2s input, so purchased an Iris DDC. I now have the usb out of the Matrix into the iris, and the i2s out to the Venus. With only 20hrs burn in on the Iris, the sound is absolutely massive in all directions. I would really like to know how the streaming feature compares to the Ever Solo? The Matrix is currently waiting for Roon certification as well.


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Congrats on the new gear and setup! I’ve had some experience with both the Matrix Element S and the Ever Solo. While the Matrix is waiting on its Roon certification, I’ve found it to offer solid audio quality and versatility, especially with the i2s out. The Ever Solo also has excellent streaming capabilities; however, the two are different beasts.

In terms of sound quality, the Matrix with an Iris DDC can potentially give you an edge, especially if you’re going all out with a high-quality DAC like your Venus2. The i2s connection generally provides a cleaner and more expansive soundstage, as you’ve noted.

Streaming-wise, Ever Solo is more of a “plug-and-play,” and its interface is user-friendly. But once Matrix gets Roon-certified, you’d likely enjoy the added flexibility and ecosystem that Roon provides, especially if you’re already in that environment.

So, to directly answer your question: If you’re looking for a more customizable experience and potentially higher sound quality, stick with the Matrix. If you want something that’s easy to set up and reliable out of the box, then Ever Solo is excellent.


I’ve given up. Have to believe that after 5 months the Element S is a defective product and will never be Roon Certified. I was fortuante to be able to sell mine to a friend who uses Tidal but not Roon. Went back to my Lumin U1 mini. Have it attached ot the Matrix X-SPDIF-3 which I have connected to the IIS connection on my PS Audio DirectStream Dac. Going to wait for PS Audio to release it’s AirLens streamer. PS Audio has the integrity NOT to release it until it is Roon Certified. Would rather give my business to them rather than Matrix.

Um…the AirLens has been on sale/available for quite a while now.



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Uh oh…Sitcking with Lumin.

I just called into to PS Audio. I had no idea that the the AirLens has been Roon Certified. Nice.

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Fair enough if that is a necessity, I was under the impression that any device can be a roon endpoint with or without roon certification, does the official cert. make a difference to how roon interacts with it?

Edit - for example I just downloaded roon bridge for linux, I can now use that to make a raspberry pi based roon endpoint.
Roon Inc. will not certify it, and yet Roon Inc. tells me it will work just fine.

Hence my confusion over why this is a problem.
Same question in relation to the Airlens - why was it a big deal when it was recently certified, and what could it do that it couldn’t do previously?

Without Roon Certification, you are limited to airplay. Max out at 44K 16 Bits. When Roon Certified you can play DSD 256 and highest rating PCM and MQO recordings.


Ah, thank you, I had tried to dig that out of the online blurb but failed to find it :slight_smile:

Edit - I mean, 44/16 is just fine, but it is no fun if you can’t play with higher res material!

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