Matrix vs coax w/high end interconnects

Interesting views of DC cables. Thanks for sharing.

Everything is so so with USB power to Matrix. It takes off with better LPS and optimized voltage I run HDPLEX 300 and RAL HDMI but did like WWPS7 just not as well as RAL. If your AES is air tube and silver or UPOCC it could be pretty excellent.


Thank you @Vmax for sharing your experience, very helpful.
I have scanned the huge Matrix thread, it seems indeed that hdmi is the favorite connection, but most people who tried aes find it extremely close. Of course hdmi offers more bandwidth.
I have asked my dealer for a top hdmi to compare to the Chord aes, wait and see.

That being said, Ted actually recommends Toslink as the best input …

I am interested in the Shunyata Omega USB Cailin Gabriel says the Omega digital cables are really system changers.

Toslink is only advertised to 96K. If your lucky and have a DS that over performs you might get 192K

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Aside from my personal experience of not liking the sound of it even with glass cables, I struggle with that recommendation from a practical POV, as - largely due to requests from this Forum - he has been spending a lot of time trying to implement higher-rate DSD in the DS. And regular optical won’t handle that.

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I didn’t realize how expensive it is, and ditto for the Chord Music. I asked to try the Sigma and Sarum T, and the Tellurium.
Maybe @aangen can look at the Omega and Music :wink:

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Mattijs at Farad has just contacted me. My Farad is built and will leave the Netherlands tomorrow. That’s right next to Belgium where I am, so I should have it soon.
I hope it is as good as described in the Matrix thread, because it is crazy expensive for a power supply.
My wife looked at me in disbelief :grimacing:


Be warned. for me, It did take a full month of playing through the farad before it stopped sounding thin

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Yes, give it some time to break in. The DC cable and fuse has to break in also. Out of the box it sounded much clearer than my previous LPS. It just sounded more at ease added to the clarity over time. I find their Level 2 Silver DC cable also added to the clarity. It comes with the stock DC cable so you can compare the two yourself. The SR Orange fuse I did not play with, but before when I swapped out in the Sbooster, it did help, but not that noticeable. The Furutech IEC, I honestly can’t tell if you can hear it. I don’t think their power cord is that good. I’m using a Shunyata Black Mamba on mine with great results. You can play around with that one. Everything matters.

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Thank you.
Have you tried their power cord?

No, but @Somppsa has. He mentioned earlier it is not the cord to get. You should spend more and get a much better one. You already spend so much for this LPS, there’s no reason to shortchange on the power cord and compromise the performance of this great unit.

Yes, Shunyata is supposed to be very good. Shame my dealer sold me a shed load of very expensive Transparent Audio mains cable leads 5 years ago

Aloha , this is my first time post so I hope I’m doing this correctly and in the appropriate location. I just received my Matrix but I am unable to connect to my Aires G1 which does not show the Matrix as the output channel when I connect my Curious USB cable to it. The light on the Matrix does not light up on front - I can get it to light up when I connect it to a usb port on a PC. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Power everything down, then up in order so the G1 sees the Matrix, then you have to select it in the web app.

I would like to mention the nice customer service of Mattijs at Farad.
Based on the comments of @Somppsa and @waymanchen11, I asked him to cancel the power cord I had ordered, which was not shipped yet, but was paid already. He offered to do it, and even offered to ship it to me, let me try it, and send it back if I want, for a full refund. I took the second option, and will try it, along with some others I have.
Nice service and much appreciated.


Great!! This guy Mattijs is a wonderful person. Please let us know what you think of the cords when when all is said and done. Thanks.

Any benefit in adding an AQ Jitterbug to the USB cable into the Matrix ?

I bought one recently, and it made the sound dry and unnatural. I am using it to fill the unused USB port on Nucleus+ .

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Agreed, not recommended