Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Likewise. I still can’t quite believe how much better my music has sounded over the past few hours!
I’m currently using an LPS 1.2 (at 7v), which I’m pleased with, but it seems from the experience of others that the Farad is in a different league…
Oh dear, I’ve got the upgrade itch, again!

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Really hope you will be served, the Revelation Audio Labs website is not reachable from over here for over a month…

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I’ve just logged into the Revelation Audio website without any issues. Maybe you have some security program on your computer preventing access? I’ll wait a bit longer then if nothing, I’ll contact PayPal.

That’s weird! No issues with security programs over here, tried repeatedly last month with computer, i-Pad and Android phone but no cigar. Living in the Netherlands geo-blocking is the only cause I can think of.

edit: be prepared for a very nice treat with the Farad :wink:

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I really can’t wait! This forum has made a huge difference to my listening enjoyment. Every single tip has counted well so far. My wife has really taken notice, and hasn’t complained when these strange bills turn up in the credit card account!

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Be careful - the SBooster does not deliver enough current for the Nucleus+

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Oh no, really? Thanks - I’ll get onto my supplier. Hopefully not shipped yet

There’s another post on this - the Sbooster has been used by others with the Nucleus+, provided it’s not used with the Booster Ultra Upgrade.

Sbooster/matrix spdif 2 owners question: are you using the sbooster with the ultra upgrade on the Spdif 2? Thank you

Blockquote from an earlier post

“I got my Farad Super3 today and out of the box I have to say as good as the fully loaded Sbooster with SR Orange fuse and Ultra MKII is, the Farad is much better!! A fuller, more detailed, livelier sound!! It is also the fully loaded version also, with the Sr Orange fuse, Furutech AC, and 100cm silver Level 2 DC cable!! I can hardly wait for it to be fully broken in!!”

This is going from an Aurender N10 with Audience FrontRow USB to Matrix X-SPDIF 2 with RAL HDMI to DSD. Farad powering Matrix!
Sorry to Sbooster owners including myself, but the Farad is slaying the Sbooster in SQ, not even close!!

I want to mention that the connectors on the Farad DC cable Level 2 upgrade is the best I’ve ever encountered!! Very tight fit!! The Sbooster a bit looser fit!

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Is there a Farad supplier in the U.S.?

Hiya, can you confirm the dc connector size you got for the matrix, it would be embarrassing if I ordered the wrong size with the Farad


I’m from the US and it took about four day to receive the Farad from the Netherlands.


Thank you

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Just checked the farad site. Looks like you can get a basic power supply or trick it out with orange fuse, furutech inlets and the upgraded dc cords look impressive. It’s jumps the price up near or over $1k fully loaded so I hope it sounds better than the sbooster because it will cost you double the price!

Everything is relative. This $1k is what a WWPlatinum Starlight HDMI cost, but for me, the Farad is a much greater increase in SQ than the WW cable!!


My problem is I think in terms of ‘delta’. Maybe a 400 dollar diff between basic and tricked out. What does 400 mean to me for my retirement ? Nada

I’m not complaining and trust me I’m getting ready to drink that Farad Koolaid!

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Above that the Farad Super3 deserves good AC cabling. I happened to have a Siltech SPO-18M lying around somewhere to go from the P10 into the Farad to full satisfaction.

As far as I’m concerned, all in all it’s absolutely well worth the cost. No doubt, along with the Matrix the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Better to get what you want, versus spending more via a later upgrade.