PWD won't update

PWD will not update. The light doesn’t blink and the software isn’t loaded

Welcome! You didn’t happen to call earlier did you? I have Mark getting ready to call you in a few. Stand by for that soon.

Yes I called. Mark did not. I cannot get my perfectwave DAc to accept an update. I have two others that updated with no problem, but this one will not.

Sorry you haven’t heard back from Mark yet. Have you been using the same card on this unit that you were on the other? Hard to say for sure, but if you’re having trouble with only this one unit, you may need a 2Gb card or less to get the upgrade through. what size card are you using?

Used a 2GB SD card today. Did not work.

Hey Ross, sorry the 2 gig didn’t work. I’ll have a loaded SD card out to you ASAP!

Thank you. You are most kind. Let me know what I owe you.

No need to charge you when you’re the one having trouble. Completely free.

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Ok, a little recap. I contacted you guys maybe late November because I could not get the 3.0.4 to load into my PWD DAC. I tried several different 32 gig sd cards and none would work. You were kind enough to send me one which contained
the following language on it. WARNING FORCELOAD COPY REMOVE AFTER UPDATING. So I used this card to update today (finally), dutifully removed it after finishing and booted up the DAC. I got this funny screen that does not appear on either of my other PWD
DACs, sort of a summary screen with Play, a khz thing, a filter thing and HOME and a large PS Audio Logo. I pressed home and got a different screen, also one that does not appear on my other PSA DACs, with KHZ, Filter, in or out of phase, and the input.
Of course, it no longer works at all.


Do you mind sending over a picture of the screen you’re seeing? And because it’s been a while, just to be sure, this is a PWD we’re working with?

The front says PerfectWave Digital to Analog Converter.

This is the Bridge input screen. Nothing weird here at all. Can you please email me directly? Your email keeps putting all of your private info on a public forum.