Magnepans new concept speakers could be a real game-changer

All the virtues of a ribbon dipole speaker, coupled with the bass impact of dynamic driver subwoofers. The concept speaker is being called the mini 30.7, because it rivals Magnepans flagship speaker but in a much more compact form factor. I really hope this concept speaker comes to fruition, and sells for around 10k.


I’ve also been following this. I have the 20.7s. What was quite intriguing was at the end it sounded like Magnepan might make the dipole bass towers available for their entire speaker lineup. It would totally make sense from a marketing and sales point of view and they could easily DSP each of their speakers response to fit the dipole bass towers with only fine tuning left for different room environments.
Martin Logan already has this ability with their Balanced Force series subwoofers for example.
I sure hope it comes to fruition.

I really like the open and uncolored sound of dipole speakers. I’ve owned a few different models in the past. Apogee Duetta Signatures and Audio Artistry Dvorak, which used dynamic drivers in a dipole configuration. But there is something special about the Magnepan ribbon dipoles I’ve always liked, especially in the highs and mids. This new concept speaker sounds like the perfect blend of ribbons and dynamic drivers.

I have owned many Maggie’s including Tympani 1D’s and have 1.7’s
now with a full PSA BHK rig. As a whole, they punch above their price
class with seamless uppers and mids but lack in dynamics and bass
weight. A dipolar with a dynamic sub could be the answer and I am
following this development as well. I can’t tell if the bass configuration
is a singular or dual sealed/unsealed enclosure, or if it has DSP. In any
case, I would trust that it would mate well with ribbon satellites.

Postscript…just got the skinny on the bass configuration from the
Absolute Sound preview in early November. A good mini review
of the prototype.

Yes. It’s supposed to be in a v shape with small cones. It is supposed to emulate Maggie bass and integrate perfectly. Also w dsp and a 1000 watt class D amp…