MCLK required on IIS over HDMI input?



I wonder if the PWD II needs the MCLK signal on it’s IIS over HDMI inputs. Reason for asking is that I plan to connect my Rasperry PI B with volumio 1.51 on it directly by IIS. But unfortunately the Raspi doesn’t provide a MCLK on it’s IIS output.





I’m sure that there are people at PSaudio who can answer my question.




I’ll check with Bob but I believe it would have to. It also has to follow our published protocols for connection.



Paul, thanks for your answer. Building the IIS to HDMI interface and connecting it to the Raspi isn’t such a great problem. But if the PWDII needs the MCKL, I’m out of the game. Because as mentioned initially it’s not provided by the Raspi.

By now I’m feeding the signal of the Raspi to the PWDII by using a S/PDIF converter from Audiophonics (like Hifiberry Digi). At least this is transformer decoupled. I like the Bridge, but unfortunatly it’s not playing gapless…

So if you can find out if the PWDII is able of generating the MCLK from the BCLK I would be grateful!




I just found out from Bob, the designer, the PWD does not require the MCLK if you are in SRC mode. It needs it for native mode only.


Paul, thanks for clarification. So I’ll will go on with the Raspi. At least to get some experience with IIS over HDMI, which I find is better than having ethernet cables or seperate coaxial cables.