Mconnect free vs paid, difference in SQ?

Hello friends, I have had a DS Sr. for about two years, I have always used Bridge II as a transport. I achieved good results in SQ by adopting measures to “clean” the lan signal.

I always used the Mconnect or Mcontrol HD programs in the free version, some flaws happened but I tolerated them.

However I decided to buy the paid version of Mconnect Play and to my surprise I am noticing an improvement in sound quality, that’s right!

I ask colleagues who use DS in the same way, have you done this test? I am getting crazy?

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That’s very strange because the app is only a control point and shouldn’t make any difference in sound quality. Interesting.


Hi Paul, your right it shouldn’t, but I can tell you in practice, for me, it makes a huge difference. I drive my Snr from an Auralic Aries G2; source is JRiver upnp from a nuc type pc. Depending on whether I use the native Auralic control app, or LUMIN control app or linn Kazoo app, they all sound quite different. No idea why, it shouldn’t. They all pass the psa bitperfect test as well. Someone needs to do some research to find out why.

My only guess is it’s similar to how different pic code affects the dac, maybe different control points create different noise patterns in my nuc.

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I can’t understand why, testing more on the last night, I realized that not only is the SQ affected but I had the solution of the chronic problem of displaying album covers on the DS screen when I’m playing my playlists on Tidal.

With that I conclude that Convers Digital is delivering a controller application much more efficient (in SQ and usability) in the paid version than in the free version.

I don’t even see a problem with that, as long as this difference was explicitly demonstrated and that Bridge II users and other hardware made by Convers Digital obtained this software free of charge.

Similar to what PS Audio intends to do with Octave.