Mcontrol/Mconnect since its recent update

Mconnect had a recent update (I use IOS) and it has made the functionality of listening to an album, well, stupid. I have my files on a NAS in a folder structure ( artist - album) and have title number tracking in the tagging.
Prior to this update, I could start playing any song in a folder and Mconnect would play each remaining song in order until the final track in that folder/album.
With the new update, any song that is selected becomes the only song that will play (and with repeat track as the only option). If I want to listen to the next track or any other song, I need to back out to the Browser menu. It will not play songs that fade into each other.
If I want to listen to two or more song in a row, Conversdigital said that a queue must be built.
Given this, I want to listen to music like a human being who appreciates not having one song on infinite repeat. What other music controller options do you have experience with? I don’t really use streaming and I don’t need a program that gives me more info about the artist. I want a program in which I can select a song and be able to listen to the next seamlessly, without an ongoing subscription. Mcontrol was this. Mcontrol is not this any more. I listen using the DS.

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I have MconnectControlHD . I have not updated the app in some time. The App Store lists 2.4.63 as the current one, but also says it was posted a week ago. Do you have or something?

I have version 2.4.63, the one posted two weeks ago. I dislike this new functionality more each time I use it.

Too add a data point … the app store has 2.4.63. In my app info it says “2.4.63 (”. I have no idea why they don’t pick one and use it.

I haven’t visited in a while, but listening tonight and I fully expected one song to repeat if I didn’t add songs to the queue. To my surprise, mcontrol connect played songs, in order, without repeating or having to add them to the queue.
I am using version
This is like it used to be, in the good old days.

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I am glad they don’t do software updates on speakers, passive speaker’s in particular. I am not enjoying some of the updates my other hardware has been getting. Bah.


I absolutely agree that Conversdigital have lost the plot. I use the Melco HD version of MConnect and they made the same ridiculous change there. They have a ‘Play All’ option in the Melco version but you have to go to the Queue if you want all the tracks to play and to be able to select which track you want to start from. It drives me mad!

To each his own. I rarely listen to an entire album. When I first started using mConnect, it took me a while to train myself not to just tap on a song. I would see the one I wanted, tap it, and get the whole rest of the album when I didn’t mean to.

I live on playlists, I’m a creature of habit. I have so much music that I don’t want to listen to tracks I don’t like.