Mcontrol/Mconnect since its recent update

Mconnect had a recent update (I use IOS) and it has made the functionality of listening to an album, well, stupid. I have my files on a NAS in a folder structure ( artist - album) and have title number tracking in the tagging.
Prior to this update, I could start playing any song in a folder and Mconnect would play each remaining song in order until the final track in that folder/album.
With the new update, any song that is selected becomes the only song that will play (and with repeat track as the only option). If I want to listen to the next track or any other song, I need to back out to the Browser menu. It will not play songs that fade into each other.
If I want to listen to two or more song in a row, Conversdigital said that a queue must be built.
Given this, I want to listen to music like a human being who appreciates not having one song on infinite repeat. What other music controller options do you have experience with? I don’t really use streaming and I don’t need a program that gives me more info about the artist. I want a program in which I can select a song and be able to listen to the next seamlessly, without an ongoing subscription. Mcontrol was this. Mcontrol is not this any more. I listen using the DS.

I have MconnectControlHD . I have not updated the app in some time. The App Store lists 2.4.63 as the current one, but also says it was posted a week ago. Do you have or something?

I have version 2.4.63, the one posted two weeks ago. I dislike this new functionality more each time I use it.

Too add a data point … the app store has 2.4.63. In my app info it says “2.4.63 (”. I have no idea why they don’t pick one and use it.