Meet the world famous Peter at the HIFI fair in Aarhus


Meet the founder of the HiFi Club - Peter Lyngdorf - and experience him presenting the uncompromising music system Steinway Lyngdorf Model B system.

Perfect sound and inexhaustible powers.

Lyngdorf’s unique RoomPerfect system ensures that the sound is precisely for your home so that you can have a completely lifelike music reproduction without your living room being designed as a sound studio for that reason. Resonances and smoothing of the sound are eliminated incredibly efficiently so that only the pure sound is back - as dynamic and detailed as the artist has intended it for recording.

The Model B system consists of two Model B dipole floor speakers, a Model P100 processor and two A2 power stages, each delivering staggering 4 x 400 watts. Through electronic sharing, this power is output to the speakers, as with every six pieces of 12 “base units, a lightning fast 5” midrange and the exclusive Air Motion Transformer tweeter ensures a dynamic, detailing and spatiality of the soundscape that is beyond unique.

Your eyes and your sense of touch will also tell you much more about the incredible care that has been put into the lavish “Ebony Black” high-gloss lacquer. Performed in the same way and with the same extreme quality control as on the legendary concert flies from Steinway & Sons.

The price of Steinway Lyngdorf Model B is NOK 819,500.

Experience Steinway Lyngdorf in Hifi Club’s Room 209 at[0]=68.ARD7e-Cg6Wm-XxDTAAx_d0oAxHyyDpo6_g8oBUSpjs_VSLZvATmGeVcvFXXXGWYfesKDf0YXWDGj54YhzabdUEaqTWCbexgP94rcBF2hS4fhtIj6Foks_pmOkxBxzVYOL2h9CUWMQdUzmM-YmVmlQS4U0tpabk21zTwC6mbhwR5xPVLx0aKwm5b38QCN_0tlhqpChbgizz020Rq6xEwQaux3zhVHh85u6TbtA00yzAWs1zngCPtm7uZPxQUJXveYY7bXTcTTRBXqzInByp52O5cvKCAOqvdpWYYP38dibuzl3uYgczNvl4NBIHfslLOJroMivv3hIhDGwqeP0Eg