Melbourne hifi show


The wife and I had a great weekend in Melbourne checking out the Melbourne hifi show. I’m not sure how interested forum members here are interested in an antipodean audio expo, but there was some great gear. I could ramble for a while if you let me…

Highlights for me:

Linn Exakt - @Gordon 's dream come to life. Rj45 cable and power cord into each stereo speaker… Music out. The speakers even have built in mic’s, room correction and digital crossovers! Not the best sound though.

Kyron audio - complete system comprising humongous dipole speakers, and 1 big black box containing 3 ncore 1200 units per channel, 1 DAC per cannel… Drool.

Dynaudio Evidence speakers - more drool. Just about the best speakers I heard.

Mola Mola monbloc’s - More class D hypex Ncore… Sounded great fed from matching pre and a nice vinyl deck. Speakers were from Gauder Acustik -Berlina AC7’s… Best system synergy in a small space.

I have a few pics if anyone is interested?


Please do! :slight_smile:


Linn, Kyron, Mola Mola, PMC/moon and Dynaudio/Bryston. I added the PMC photo because these are my new speakers! I couldnt stretch to $110k AU for the Dynaudios. $-)

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I am always interested in antipodeans. It sounds so much like a branch of entomology.

I would love to hear the Dynaudios.


Wow! Those PMC’s look like they could do some damage! (but not as much wallet damage as the Dynaudio’s $-) )


When I told the wife I was buying them she nearly had a fit… In the listening room… In front of the on-looking crowd. I had to take her aside and explain the technicalities :-B In the end I told her that the transmission line meant they could potentially be placed closer to the wall.

The 12" bass driver on them has an “exoskeleton” for cooling purposes. Appropriate that they are finding an entomological antipodean home then.

In truth I don’t find them all that attractive, except in a retro way. However, they trounced Sonus Faber Amati futura’s, Marten, Monitor audio, and KEF blades. All those speakers look better, but I couldn’t live with any of them after hearing the MB2’s.


maybe someone should try making drivers out of chitin

The dynaudio evidence temptation is the best loudspeaker I’ve ever heard. But it needs a big room.

stereophilus said: In the end I told her that the transmission line meant they could potentially be placed closer to the wall.

Strong work!
I wondered what the cool looking woofer "grill" was all about. I guess that was a pun. :D