Menu navigation in MK II

I’ve only had my MKII for a few hours, and it sounds terrific so far. But I’ve found the out-of-box experience for this product pretty lackluster, and the physical user interface leaves a lot to be desired, which is exacerbated by the sketchy documentation.

Many have complained here that there is no way to go “back” while navigating the menu structure, which indeed seems frustrating. Turns out you CAN go back by double-tapping the middle button in the control ring. Nowhere in the forum or the docs could I find this, so I figured it was worth sharing in case others were stymied.

Double-tapping the menu/mute button sometimes does the same thing, but sometimes it toggles between “back” and “forward” flipping between two screens. The center button seems to be a pretty dependable back button (though it always goes back to the first menu item in the list, not the last-selected item).


Sounds like there are some needed ergonomic improvements

Best wishes

Thanks for pointing this out. Like you, I found the process of navigating the menus awkward and inconsistent when I got my Mk2. So I created a “cheat sheet” to help with this. You can find that document at this link.

I did not pick up on double-tapping the center button (nowhere mentioned in the manual, as you say). I’ll experiment with this and update my document as needed.

Let me add this: although I found the menu structure unintuitive and difficult at first, I came to appreciate the design. There are only four controls: the menu button, the center button, the up/down arrows, and the left/right arrows. To create a navigation system that is more obvious and more consistent would probably require more controls. I think the PS Audio engineers did a good job with only the four controls available. It’s not simple. For instance, if they added a second button on the front panel, that could create its own set of confusions; “Oh, wait, do I push the left button or the right button?“