MG Cables - Still In Business?

I’m not a high end, or even a mid-grade cable guy, but after a recent Ask Paul video (loudspeaker cable length) where he featured MG speaker cables, I went to their website, only to get Go Daddy. Am I looking at the wrong website?

I believe that’s the website. Looks like they’re no longer in business.

The wayback machine reveals what happened. This is from the Jan 5, 2020, version of their web site. Here is the link to the wayback machine coverage of their site.

Here is the text from the page:

"We are saddened to bring you news of the recent passing of Greg Graff, the co-founder of MG Audio Design and a friend of many who came to know Greg and appreciate his kind and generous nature.

Greg was a true and passionate music lover and advocate for playback sound system improvement. He was always striving to improve his own audio system and helped, through MG Audio, to improve the systems of friends and acquaintances around the world. His leadership and passion will be sorely missed."

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Sorry to hear that. I met Greg a few times, and owned and enjoyed one of his speaker cables.
Great guy, and very passionate about his cables and audio.

They are not. Unfortunately, after the passing of one of the partners, Greg, the business was shuttered. They were wonderful cables.

Mike at the dealer Audio Archon in Chicago area will still source MG Audio products and help with service I believe. I purchased interconnects and speaker cables about a year and a half ago. I am willing to sell them if you are interested. Here is the link to Audio Archon

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