MG Audio Design Planus Cu RCA

MG Audio Design Planus Cu RCA cables mint condition for sale.
1m pair: 290USD
1.5m pair: 350USD
Free shipping in world.
PayPal +3%

Please PM me pics

Hello, these any photos.
Best regards,

Hello, would you please accept $200 for the 1m. pair? Thanks for your time Paul

Super Darren,
I do not have a paypal account so I will have to find out how to. I will get back to you as soon as I get things set up.

My name is luap on the Canuck Audio Mart web site so you can check me out, do you have any refs. audiogon etc.?

Cheers, Paul

Wait a second. Are you asking to buy cables from me? I don’t have mg audio cables for sale.

I have morrow audio cables for sale

Or are you selling mg audio cables? 1 meter? 1.5 meter?

Sorry I clicked on the mg cables and was directed to you best of luck with your sale. Paul


Can you pm me?

Hello would you accept $200 for the 1m. pair. thanks paul

Hello, would you like to buy MG Audio cable from me?
Why do you letter with darrenv1070 if I have cable for sale?
I accept 250USD +3%PayPal(+freee shipping) for 1m MG Audio cable.

Hello Gyula,
I am new to the ps audio method and must have responded to the wrong part of the forum regarding your cables. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At the moment $200 is all I can afford. Best of luck with your sale.

Best regards,