Michael Fremer takes note of the PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter at RMAF


Was just looking at that…

Did you hear any news on the Wyred ms3?

Melbourne hifi show is this weekend… Can’t wait.


I was left behind at the last minute. Consequently, I did not get to chat up the W4S boys.

The Federal partial shutdown factored into RMAF staffing budget. The show was a great success for the people I make cables for but attendance was definitely affected by the Federal unpaid furloughs.

Glad that Paul’s unit got noticed by the demi-god Fremer and that a review is underway.

I have been meaning to tell you that my girlfriend lived in Eastern Australia for 10+ years.

D’oh #-o we keep getting news on the shutdown, but nothing seems to be getting resolved…

I presume the new model compares favorably with the pet?

My wife was at the APE Comic-Con this weekend (Alternative Press Expo hosted by the same guys that host San Diego Comic-Con) and sales were down from last year we think because of the shutdown. Customers just weren’t buying.

She’s starting her Kickstarter on Wednesday – I hope there’s enough interest to get the last 3 issues funded and produced.

Edit: Sorry, don’t mean to hijack the thread, just wanted to point out the shutdown is affecting all of us.


If Fremer doesn’t have a pwd and decent I2S cable is he really going to get a sense of the design idea and how it was voiced?

(The shut down is grim, the looming default is a real risk for the rest of us indirectly connected to the US economy.)

The United States is being held hostage by a couple dozen mindless crazies and much of the world ends up paying for it.

Michael really should have a PWD to go with the NWD even if he does have a more expensive DAC in his system. And PowerBases to go with them and a P5 to feed then through AC12 power cables. And… :smiley:



Or an alternate theory: one mindless crazy!

I can suggest to Michael what he needs but it’s up to him to decide. I believe he’s going to be using it more for USB which, if he has a good cable, should be just fine.

streets still works said: Edit: Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, just wanted to point out the shutdown is affecting all of us

Not at all, it is often these related side-trips that make the threads on this forum interesting.


Aye. I, of course, never go off topic. :^o