Let's talk PS Audio and RMAF 2014


Figured I’d get the ball rolling. One assumes PS Audio will be well represented as usual at RMAF. I see PSA is listed already on the Exhibitors list. So Paul, does this mean you will have your own room like last year?


Yes and no. Yes we will have our own room, no it will not be like last year.

We scored a huge room this year, it sits alone on the second floor without any other exhibitors, it backs up to the atrium so that’s the tower it’s in, not the main one we were in last year.

We’re going to go big this year. I bought a pristine pair of Infinity IRS Betas, the junior version of the IRSV. We’ll power them with two of the new PerfectWave Power Amps and DirectStream. Should be a killer system. That’s along one wall. On the opposite wall we’ll have a Sprout ‘lounge’ where we set up a bunch of Sprouts in a sort of living room setup that people can come in and sit, relax, listen on headphones or a smaller speaker setup.

And one more thing. We’re going to cater the entire affair and feed, for free, as many people as we can for the three days. So free food, a lounge to sit and chat and eat and enjoy and we’ll do regularly scheduled demos of the IRS Beta system that Arnie has agreed to come setup for us in the room.

So yes, we’re there at RMAF. 41_gif65_gifsmiley-music005_gif


Sounds like a winner (pun intended) smiley-music005_gif

Will the PerfectWave Power Amps be production line or prototypes?

Paul McGowan said . . . I bought a pristine pair of Infinity IRS Betas, the junior version of the IRSV. We'll power them with two of the new PerfectWave Power Amps . . .
I am excited to hear the amps are ready for prime time.

You are going all out. Neat! I particularly like the accompanying Sprout Lounge.


LOL - Paul, that makes me want to fly out from Chicago and check it all out!

I’ve never been to an RMAF - it sounds like it’s a hoot. I tend to shy away from crowds, especially “audiophile” crowds, but Axpona showed me it’s not as bad as I recall from the few shows I went to in the '90s.


It’ll be fun!


Sounds tremendous! But (as I suspect should be no surprise coming from me at this pointlaugh) might I add something for consideration? As you may recall, the feeling about how things sounded last year was… generally positive but mixed. IMO some of it had to do with the combination of the particular speakers used and (what was at the time) the prototype amp based on the previous design paradigm. I’m hoping the setup this year will leave absolutely no ambiguity with the fabulosity™ of the sound. It seems like the speakers should help; the room should also be more conducive to better sound. With luck and I’m sure a lot of overtime the amps will be everything you need them to be to close the deal. It goes without saying the DS will do its thing.music-078_gif

(BTW, it’s not that I don’t like VonS speakers, but as I think I commented on last year I don’t think they were the right ones for the room, or possibly the associated equipment.)


Well, I’m committed to going. Anyone else in our little group going to be there?


Me, me, me!smiley-music005_gif103_gif


It’ll be good to see you again, Paul. One assumes with the Sprout showing it’s stuff that McGowan the Younger will also be there.smileAny idea if Theodore will be coming along for the ride?


Yep. My wife and I will be there. Probably spending a lot of my time is the PS Audio suite so I’m sure I’ll run into some of you guys.


And here I though Theodore is the cat.

Ted would be much. much better at the show.


Plane and hotel reservations complete.happy-048_gif


♫My system’s sounding great, yeah!♫

♫My system’s sounding great, yeah!♫

I’m burning into my brain the music I’ve picked for RMAF, and truth be told I find I’m really not focusing on “how it sounds”. That’s not an issue anymore - it’s “how it makes me feel” that’s what’s happening now way more than before.dancing-009_gifOf course it doesn’t hurt that will all the (yes, Gordon) toe-tapping and head bopping it sounds fantastic!

@richfieldhunter, join us here for talk of RMAF.



I’d love to meet you at the show I will be there all day Saturday and could be there later on in the day on Friday.


I’ll be there all three days. PM me and we’ll figure out a way to meet.



Would love to be there too but alas other issues prohibit this time.

If I’m still breathing I will do my best to catch the next one.

Have fun guys!


Gonna finish packing. I’m planning to stop by on Friday for a quick hello. See you then Paul and Ted (and the rest of the PS Audio gang). Will wait until Saturday to do “serious” listening after the rooms have had a chance to warm up.smile


Look forward to it. We’re packing the big truck ourselves tonight. Tomorrow’s setup day.


I’m surprised haven’t heard a word about the show? No pictures, opinions, nada??