Miles Davis -Kind of Blue -UHQR Acoustic Sounds Pre Order

Now available for pre order, and yes I ordered mine before I posted this, cause I’m greedy.

Here is a teaser for those who still enjoy the vinyl experience:

Mine is pre-ordered.


I pre-ordered it today too.

I preordered one as well. I am never going to open it or actually play it. Bah.

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That’s why I’m nutty enough to order two, one to play, one to put away. At a “limit” of 25,000 I don’t think there will be a shortage of these any time soon however.

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I had not thought of that yet. Stop it!

I ordered from the label itself. They charge shipping.
Music Direct doesn’t. LOL

That’s why I got more than one, Bah-Hah.

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To minimize risk I ordered from each, MD and AS. I wonder if Elusive Discs is offering it as well, hmmm. :thinking:

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One copy showed up earlier this week, still in the box for safe keeping. One due in from Music Direct, but no ship date currently.