AC-5 and re-terminating with NZ/AUS plugs?!? 110 v-230 v?

Hello Paul and others on here , Im new so please forgive my NOT KNOWING MY WAY AROUND AS YET .


MY ISSUE Paul is that I have a problem unique to this country in that the power cables available to us all have need of being re-terminated with NZ/AUS plugs for our power grid.So my question is tis,"by changing the plugs at both ends to suitably meet the power grid needs, does this negate the plugs used by PS Audio as you sell them in NZ but from you’re considerable spell about the formed plugs it must stand that they are not 100%what they would be for the US market?!is the correct and how do i best make 2 AC-5 cable from a 2 meter cable, is this possible while maintaining performance criteria?

kind regards

Shane ( KIWI )

If you cut the end off an AC-5 and replace it with something compliant with your electrical code, you’re going to end up with an inferior cable.

Many audiophiles buy different terminations and have them installed. Furutech has a large number of appropriate options. For most applications they are soldered. Some though, are installed with pressure clamping on the terminations. Those are the ones that can’t be redone the same way as they require OEM machinery. I’ve seen cables sent back to the manufacturer and had the configuration changed. Siltech took a very long cable and shortened it and reterminated it and provided a new manufacturer serial number for the resulting product.