Modding an Electrocompaniet ECI-1

I have a fully functional ECI-1, here’s a picture of the internals:

Would you think wiring the power leads with shielded silver would be a good thing to start with, to get minimal impedance into the transformers?

Are those electrolytic condensators, I don’t know by eye. If they are, should I replace them since they apparently work well? Dunno if EC would have used electrolytics at that time, start of 2000’s. I know electrolytics are still used in high-end but yes, this amp is around 20 years old, so…

What’d be the recommended potentiometer to use here? This vanilla one is a bit rashy when turned and I want one that’s minimally part of the circuit, obviously.
Then again I was wondering if removing the preamp section entirely would be possible, turning this into a power amp purely. Would this require a lot of work on the circuitry since it’s designed as an integrated…?
Currently I’m mostly using the pot at max to keep it “minimal in the circuit”, as Paul has said… Unless playing vinyl.
If it’s possible to do this easily, I’d love to remove the (although minimal) signal path of the preamp stage and have a cleaner way to use the ECI-1 with an actual preamp, while obviously preserving the input signal better.

Where should I strategically place mu-metal somewhere here? Maybe along the center divider’s walls, to keep channel cross-contamination minimal (?)
How’d this distort the toroids’ strong fields? Just away from one another? What about RF absorbing materials?
About the wiring in general, if I use shielded silver for power delivery, what about the other wiring like the control strips and such? Should they be shielded more? Does anything else than power need lower impedance material?
Any other components than possibly the caps that could be replaced

TLDR: I just want to get everything maximally optimized for this amp, with a cost of under 1000 £/$/€ or so.
(The amp was 1000€)