Bacch4Mac Audiophile Thunderbolt USB C to USBB Cable

I have been experimenting witH Bacch4Mac and have found that stock cables digital and power in trials so far can sound beter upgrading.

The USB cable between the Mac Mini M1and Babyface FS is a OEM provided by RME the manufacturer of the Babyface . I am looking for a great Audiophile grade USB C to USB B. The MAC mini USB A slots are taken up by the head tracker and USB out to DAC which in my case is Matrix SpdiIf2 converts to i2s Dragon to DS MK2. I do have galvanic isolation engaged on DS2. But so far swaps of upstream digital cables still make a sound quality change for the better.

So far USB C to B cables of audiophile grade lack many comparisons. The AQ Diamond is only bigger name in this market. . My Mini to DAC cable is a Inakustik Referenz which far out strips the USB cable Theoretica supplies in flight case kit for openness, details and 3D images. but Inakustik does not supply a C to B USB in the areferenz series

I am looking for Babyface FS USB upgrade. Ideas anyone?

Is the Babyface even necessary unless you are using the mics?

My understanding it is. It does processing and is used to set the clocking. The song data is looped through it was what I was told. Maybe there’s a way to take it out of the loop but would entail reconfiguring both ways. Seems too much of a hassle to mess with for him and me given the support framework and lack of user documentation to go it your own.

He sent me a link to a complete user manual. I would be surprised if there wasn’t one available for your version. I would email him to ask for a link to the manual and an answer to the necessity of the Babyface device.