MoFi/Music Direct to open pressing plant

Mobile Fidelity and Music Direct just announced they’re opening a vinyl pressing plant in California, scheduled to go on line in the first quarter of next year.


That’s really good news. Thanks for sharing!

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I’ve decided that every new pressing plant is all because of Jack White. Not business. Well done, Jack!


I’m so very curious what Andrew Jones is working on @ MoFi as well.


This video humorously reminds me of Riddler and his henchmen from the 60s Batman TV show.


He has a very good point.

If Sony are going to demand presses of 500,000 copies of Adelle’s record, it totally makes sense they allocate their own resources to it, and not clutter up the rest of the production capacity.

That Adelle pressing caused such major impact across the entire industry, it was crazy. I get Adelle is popular, but I’m guessing they’ve still got loads of copies on the shelves!

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Heck, the forthcoming MoFi pressing of Thriller is going to clog up the works for quite a while - and they are only doing 40,000

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The MJ estate must have paid a pretty penny for that many copies. I just hope they can retain the quality with such a high run.

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