Mobile Fidelity Quality - Am I just unlucky?

I have bought a good handful of Mobile Fidelity recordings (on vinyl) that are warped. And I mean, unplayable too - not just slightly warped. Its happened so many times now, I’ve decided never to risk it again. It almost always happens with limited releases where I can’t just get a replacement too.

However, I never see others complaining. Have you seen this? Am I just incredibly unlucky with their records? Curious what your experience is.

Haven’t had this issue with MoFi. Be careful about assuming the problem is at the plant. Much depends on how the records are stored. Who are you buying your MoFi LPs from? Have you spoken with the retailer? I once had a far worse problem with Music Matters reissues. I received three orders in a row with nasty gouges in the surfaces. I got on the horn with the retailer who confirmed they were receiving similar feedback from other customers. I was offered exchanges from the retailer which I took. I’ve since purchased other LPs from MM and have had zero problems. My guess is someone either at the retailer or at MM got the message and fixed whatever the issue is. It might even have been specific to a particular run.

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yeah, I think that’s a great point and I’ve thought about that before - except I pretty much get all my new vinyl from the same store and don’t have issues with any other manufacturers, or certainly not as consistently warped as Mofi’s records. In fact, I can’t even think of another I’ve bought from that store that was unplayable like these have been.

I’m thinking its just been an unlucky coincidence

All but stopped ordering vinyl in the hot summer and super cold winter months. It’s bigger than MFSL…imho. You might just be unlucky, too.

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I buy all my MoFi records direct from MoFi and have never had an issue with warping, they’ve always been in excellent shape, and that’s factoring in shipping over to the UK.


you know, the crazy thing is everything I order used off of discogs is usually better than described :man_shrugging:

I’ve never ordered directly from Mofi - maybe I’ll give that a try if they come out with something that I really want


Music Direct owns Mobile Fidelity. I always buy (new) MoFi releases from MD. Btw if you ever have an issue when buying through MD, who better to deal with when providing feedback and arranging for compensation (money back or exchange) than MoFi’s corporate owner? MD’s customer service, be it music or gear, is awesome. There is a reason they grew so rapidly they had to move their operation out of the Fulton warehouse district (where it was a short Blue line ride away from me) to the suburbs. They needed to expand.


Strange, you must really have been unlucky. If I should name one label with the least problems of this kind, it would be Mofi.


VMP has been REMARKABLY flat.

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thanks for that feedback (all of you really) - I felt like it might just be bad luck since I never have seen others complain.

Oh no, not my experience unfortunately

Interesting! I’m a little shocked. I’m not saying every VMP release I own is lights out perfect, but they are flat, flat, flat (for me at least). Pleased with my experience with VMP.

I also buy from mofi directly, but may have to dip into the Music Direct approach. Good points.

In my experience nearly every colored vinyl title is more or less warped and noisy, independent of manufacturer. The VMP (GZ pressing plant) problem additionally is, that hotter cuts (like parts of the Hancock box) often distort. GZ really shouldn’t press records but maybe child toys instead :wink:

The quality has been really amazing, though I didn’t have the desire to jump on that Hancock deal you speak of to relate.

They are a Denver company so I like to support them. They helped organize a wildly successful vinyl show a few weeks back. Im ignorant about GZ, and why they should only press GI Joes. I prefer black vinyl in every case. Snake Eyes, if you will. :slightly_smiling_face:

I strongly believe there have been many, not a few, quality concerns on the massive pressings at mofi in the last few years — but hey, as long as it’s sealed, nobody knows for sure. Right?

As a mofi buyer, which I definitely am, I’d almost prefer it opened so it can be reported on. Mofi has done colored vinyl, too, and not well.

One of my best recent mofi pressings is Superfly. Thing’s beautiful.

Yeah, I do hope it comes across that not everything I’ve gotten from Mofi was bad - I have some real gems.

My Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um supervinyl is astoundingly good, as is my Rickie Lee Jones (self titled) 45 rpm. When its on… its really really good

Having said that, overall the things I’ve gotten from Analogue Productions/QRP are even better.

Even AP has been getting flack from KoB. Namely, there is said to be some surface noise on Blue in Green…and distortion. I own it and am mostly pleased, but the point is, quality expectations are higher than ever. Demand is strong, crazy.

I also love what VMP does and they have a fantastic customer service. There’s just often even no chance for them to pull good pressings out of their spare sets for exchanges. But others contracting GZ suffer from the same.

I really think my bad luck with GZ pressings is quite a bit more common than yours with Mofi :wink:

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Who is GZ and why do they suck so hard? Their methods are poor? Bad stampers?

It’s a big pressing plant in Europe, used by labels in the lower price range. I think to be able to sell good masterings as VMP uses for the price they do, they can’t use the better plants for pressings. Otherwise their releases would cost as much as those of Analogue Productions, Impex and others.

The problem with GZ’s pressings more often than normal is warping, dishing, and distortion mainly, sometimes also imperfect surfaces. Most I think is related to the speed pressings are processed to minimize costs and to produce as much as possible. Vinyl quality might be another cause.

You find reports as the following in many forums: