Mogami W2534: What diameter techflex to cover?

I’m using mogami 2534 to make some xlr interconnects, but I’m unsure of what size techflex tubing is appropriate to cover them. A PS Audio article calls for 1/2", however the mogami spec sheet says the 2534 is 0.189" OD, which is quite narrow for 1/2" techflex. I have to wonder if this is a typo.

If you’ve used 2534 and techflex, would you kindly post which size of techflex works?

Thanks, Bob

I use 1/4" braided tubing on 2534. It’s loose enough to get over the cable and, once stretched out, has a snug fit that doesn’t shift.

I wouldn’t go too big, aesthetically or functionally. I use Tech Flex that is the same diameter as the cable that I’m covering. For instance, I make a lot of Ethernet cables and .25 inch works perfectly. If you follow the instructions, it’s pretty easy to do and it expands enough for a snug fit.

I made two sets of XLR balanced interconnects following exactly the directions and specs of the DIY article. Everything slid, fit easily.

Use “red and black” shrink wrap to id channels.


Yes, I saw that the PS Audio DIY article used 1/2". I asked this of Redco support, and was told to use 1/4". I guess there’s a bit of wiggle room when choosing sizes. I’ll buy a little of each and find out for myself.

Thanks for the input.

How you like it to fit, and if you use colored wire that you want to show through more or less. If it is snugger, it will show more of the underlying cable color, which can make for some cool combinations…or not so cool, depending on the flex colors.

Figured this out. For starters, if one uses just the W2534 cable as is, 1/4" techflex fits perfectly. I tried it, and am 100% confident in this fact. However, what I didn’t catch when I first read the referenced article is that in that case they cover the W2534 with 1/2" split loom cable covering first, and then cover the split loom with 1/2" techflex. I didn’t try that, but that would explain why the article used 1/2" techflex. Again, just a case of misreading, and I hope this adds clarity for those interested.