Multiple subwoofers

If installing two subwoofers into a system do they have to be identical? Or can you use two different models/brands?

Im sure others with more detail will jump on, but IMO It depends on the application.

If you are trying to leverage 2 subs to augment stereo image/soundstage, I can tell you I’ve tried with very similar, but different subs and I’ve always been able to tell a difference side to side.

If you are simply looking to augment bass / LFE, I have used 2 (or more) subs successfully to build out for HT applications.

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Two identical subwoofers are easier to integrate for stereo. For HT, you have a bit more flexibility (still prefer identical though…)

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Agreed. For a hi-fi setup, I wouldn’t recommend it. It will be more difficult to integrate them in the room and with the speakers. Also, I bet you would be able to tell the difference in imaging as well. Though likely subtle.

I actually do use two different subs in my HT setup. The bass is much less critical for a HT and definitely works for me.

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This will depend on your configuration. Some LFE allows you to leverage front/rear configurations, and in that setting, it would be less critical that if you were to say, want to match front L/R config on the setup. Some even use shakers on the dual setup on the rear configs.

Short answer: yes
Also, if you are putting them in a 2-channel setup, I would strongly suggest using a crossover ( bass management) if at all possible. It allows better integration at the crossover point vs just using “pass” filters. It also allows phase correction (I not talk about polarity but phase correction).