Looking for a sub recommendation

Hi everyone

I’m currently using a rel t9i and I have the upgrade bug.

The rel simultaneous high level + .1 inputs work well for me and allow the sub to support my speakers for 2ch application while also working in home theatre for .1 / LFE.

Are there any other subs around that will let me do the same thing? The rel seems to be the only sub I can find that allows both connections at the same time with individual crossover / levels for each input.


There are two REL lines above the T series that dig even deeper into your wallet.

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Rythmik F12 series.


Second the Rythmik.

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JL Audio Fathom F112

Hands down the best subwoofer I have ever heard. You can also often find the F112 V1 used on ebay for less than $1500.

Can it accept two inputs?

If you mean, left right then yes, see below:

You can also connect two Fathoms together and and they will room correct together when you set them up with the microphone(all with internal software). When I get a bigger place I’ll buy another for sure.

I agree my F113’s are amazing! Add in the JL Audio CR1 and the magic really happens!

Paradigm’s Prestige 1000SW can accommodate the 2 Channel & HT inputs.

I have two of the subs you have, if you just have one I strongly recommend you get a second. And if the money is still burning in your pocket get a pair of S812 REL subs and be done with it.

The range of subs from B.K. Electronics all support this (they used to make subs for Rel). They are well made and inexpensive. Unfortunately they are a UK firm and you have to order direct from them.