Multiwave for tubes?

Any problem using multiwave to drive tubed amps?

Nope, no problem at all!

Best bet would be to try it out and see if it improves the sound. I have a hunch it will, though it is a bit system dependent on how they react with MW.

I can’t testify to the fact that Multwave is not only ok for tube gear, it is superior to Sine in my tube-based system which consists of over 50 tubes in total!


fifty tubes??? What a glutton for… tubosity! Fifty Tubes!!!

I want a picture …

Well, I don’t think I can capture it all in a picture, but I’ve been wanting to take a video snippet with everything fired up and the lights dim. And I do apologize, my count was off. It is actually 61 tubes in total. There are 24 tubes between my two monoblock amps, and the rest are distributed between my pre-amp, center channel amp, rear channel amp, secondary 2-channel amp, buffered pre-amp, and my headphone amp. Phew!

Oh wait, I forgot about my Harman Kardon Citation I pre-amp, Citation II amplifier, and SonoruS tape playback preamp. That adds another 24 tubes, so a grand total of… drumroll pleeeeaaasse… 85 TUBES!!!


I was crying trying to replace 4 tubes to vintage NOS tubes.
I can’t imagine 85…

As for the OP question, no issue with my tube preamp, other than making things a bit brighter, as expected. There is a bit of transformer hum, but not sure it is related.

O see, felt the difference. Bass notes more fuller.

No harm at all in my experience. I don’t always use it, but I have used it on my P10 in my main system which includes tubed preamp, mono block amps, and a tube EQ/gain unit (16 tubes total).

I also have a tubed preamp, amp and tube EQ/gain unit in my second system with a PPP (9 tubes). I don’t use Multi-wave there. . . it’s not adjustable and I don’t like the set sound as much as non-MultiWave.

MultiWave will certainly not harm tubes. It simply extends the peak charging time at the top of the sine wave. Tubes and solid state alike love it!

So, what type of transformer benefits most from MW if any?

Any restrictions regarding triode or pentode moldes with MW?

No restrictions to worry about, MW will work with triode or pentodes without any trouble.

As for what types of transformers will benefit most, that’s a tough generalization to make. Based on @JeffofArabica’s experience, though, it seems like MW tends to be broadly beneficial with tube gear.

I’d encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

What about turntables with AC-synchronous motors?

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MW does not change the frequency - you’re still getting 60 Hz 120V AC so it should have no negative impact. If anything, the precise power regulation will likely improve performance with an AC-synchronous TT.

However, I’d probably stick to running an AC-synchronous TT on sine wave instead of MW.

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Thanks Schroedster. That’s what I do, when I remember to switch it (which is becoming more and more of a problem). I mostly play digital so my P10 is usually on MW.

Same here! I end up leaving Dr. Feickert WoodPecker with P10 in MW with 6 strength because DS with Ayon Stealth and Ayon Spirit set to pentode proved to be a killer match.

With these settings, I found the Holly Grail of sound.

Perfection finally!

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My reported output in watts drops about 10% running MW 6 vs. SW. I don’t hear any difference so I go with the least load/most efficient.

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I can just picture Jeff and his family, with fireproof suits, sitting around the ole stereo, dampened hickory sticks and marshmallows all around… Please pass the mister. Who has the mister??? Quick, somebody mist Aunt Edna…


@RonP - yeah, singing round the tube bonfire at Jeff’s house… you are killing me Ron… I’m really visualizing aunt Edna… holy crap that is a lot of tubes @JeffofArabica

@RonP, that is some funny $hit right there!

@Cardri It is a helluva lotta tubes! I should probably see a shrink about my tube obsession. I thought everything was perfectly normal, but now that I engaged in this self-realization exercise, I think I might have a problem! :open_mouth: :joy:

I do love tube-based audio. Aside from my Oppo UDP-205, my HT system is all tube based from the 5.1 channel pre-amp to the L/R channel amp, center channel amp and rear channel amp. With my preamp, it consists of discrete channels so I can attenuate the signal for all channels separately which allows me to overcome soundtracks created by engineers under the influence of crack, which we ALL have experienced. It is a killer system for the combo Cinephile/Audiophile person.