Am I using Sine wave or Multiwave?

Sorry for a dump question, but it seems it is just a toggle button.

From the setup menu, if I see the “Sine” icon, it means I am using Sine wave or after I press it the system will go to sine wave?

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I’ve always assumed that if it says Sine then that’s what’s being produced. Also, I hear a difference between Sine and Multi (and use Multi 6).


I concur with @danofesherintheuk.
When you see Multi above waveform logo, then your device is running in Multi Wave mode. Screen shot above shows you’re using Sine Wave mode which I have been using alongside high regulation because THD is low in my area, but voltage changes are the norm.


Thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome. Enjoy the weekend.

It is fun to compare Sine vs. Multi. because they sound a bit different. Lately I have enjoyed Sine more, but I seemed like Multi 4 better a few months ago. I did change a cable and tubes for my BHK. I have no idea was that the reason.

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Hey dchang05

For good reference don’t change tubes/ cables nearly or at the same time…
First get a sense of how one affects the sound quality of your system.

Then go on to the next change …

Multiple changes at once confounds determining what affected the sq and
or in what way…

Happy trials n trails

Best wishes

I have a better SQ with sine than multiwave. I am using a tube pre and SS power amp. I tried two setups. First one is a DAC streamer directly to the SS power and sound awesome. Just lacking the warm tone from a tube and having a wide sound stage. Secondly I add a tube pre in between. I got a problem that the mid/low range seems stay in the room longer and can’t disappear fast enough. I need to tune down the volume and sacrifice the small details in the music.

Recently, I change to sine wave and the mid/low is more control. May be my tube pre doesn’t match with the multiwave. I don’t know why, but this is just my experience.

I am not saying the P12 is not good. The regulated sine is much better than bypass it. Just a comparison of sine and multiwave in my setup.

I am using BHK pre & Meridian 857 reference. BHK pre tubes seem to love high regulation and Sine Wave.

Thanks. Let me try. I am using Low Distortion now.

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Yep, I seem to have a habit of changing a few things at a time. Now I am going to change from high regulation to low see what effect it will do. I have always stayed at high and my THD is at 0.2% most of the time. I wonder if low setting will change anything on the reading.

I’ve found that my digital equipment (DAC, streamer, radio, etc.) sounds better on MW. My analog stuff (tube phono and tube main preamp R2R, etc.) sounds better on sine.

I run the digital stuff off a PP3, and I run the analog stuff off a PP12. My power amps are straight out of the wall (shielded 12ga cable with High Fidelity magnetic conditioners)

This represents YEARS of futzing around :wink: